For regular readers of my newsletters, it’s no secret that I’m a fan of Vanarama.

They’ve been a client for many years and really understand what brilliance looks like.

Here’s the latest example of why they’re better:

After a talk by Kevin Webber, the inspirational ambassador of Prostate Cancer UK, the staff at Vanarama decided they wanted to raise money, awareness and make a difference.

My background is in fundraising and when a company the size of Vanarama makes a commitment like that, you hope for a five-figure donation over the coming year.

Not Vanarama. They immediately pledged to raise £150,000 and to do it in just 45 days.

They created an innovative campaign to show their customers what they were doing:

Lease a van – Save a man

Then they changed their name for 45 days.  Vanarama has become Manarama.

And as they sponsor the National League they have changed their name too.  You can even see it on the TV football results: The Manarama National League.

So why am I writing to you about this?

There are thousands of charities, hundreds of thousands of companies doing their bit and millions being fundraised.

I’m sharing this because of the ambition, scale and pace. It’s inspired me and I hope it inspires you too.

You can read about what Vanarama, sorry Manarama, are doing here

You can let them know you think it’s a great idea by leaving them a comment on their Facebook page here

And if you use LinkedIn, connect with their CEO Andy Alderson, share his Manarama post and he’ll add another tenner to the pot. You can do that here

Next week I’m sharing a post that I will only ever be able to write once. And it must happen on Monday.

Be Brilliant!

Michael ​​​​​​​


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