Next year, 1.6 million books will be published.

I’m sure (hope) you’ll buy some.

There’s never been a greater time of change than now for authors and publishers.

Digital is taking over from print.
What took months can take weeks.
Publishers aren’t looking for famous people to be authors.
Book launches are no longer in hotels – they’re now on Zoom.
Cost to go to market is shrinking.
Stealth marketing is smashing big campaigns.
New ideas and blended formats are springing up.
Next year’s best book idea still hasn’t been thought of…
It might be yours.

I’m hosting a free webinar on Monday night, ‘The 4 Keys EVERY New Author Should Know To Publish In 2021

Even if you’re not an author (or potential author), you will still learn something valuable.

Plus, I’ll be celebrating the completion of my Write That Book Pop-Up Group and launching my latest Write That Book Masterclass (it’s going to be amazing).

It takes place as a Zoom Webinar (no camera or sound on your side so you can watch in your PJ’s) on Monday evening at 7pm.

Pre-registration is essential. You can register here.

See you at 7 on Monday.

Be Brilliant!


PS Didn’t I do well? No mention of lockdowns or presidential elections 😉


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