You hear about being twice as good. 

But what if you were thrice

Exponential growth, amazing opportunities and who knows what else would unfold.

But be sensible! No one wants to work thrice as hard.

Work smarter – not harder, eh?

You’ve probably heard the story of a penny doubling every day for a month. It starts with 1p, then 2p then 4p and by day 30 it’s ballooned to over £5 million. 

What if the penny tripled?

That same 1p on day 30 wouldn’t be a few million…

It would be £5.3 billion!

Exponential growth is inspiring and it’s not about money. It applies to personal growth and skills development too.


Imagine you could triple the rate at which you learn? 

Instead of slight improvements, your knowledge and talent would skyrocket.


Find and focus on your learning style. 

You can learn much faster if you tap into your preferred style.

Next, find a coach or mentor, one who’s been there and done it.

And surround yourself with positive people, who want to help and support your growth. 


How about a business example? Content Creation. 

Everyone is banging on about content creation. If you’re a business owner, author or coach it appears your world will collapse if you’re not ‘creating content’.

That’s BS in many cases, but it can make a difference.

What would happen if you tripled your output? 

Rather than writing one blog a week, you write three.

Instead of posting one video, you post three.

Instead of making one comment, you make three. 

This isn’t just tripling the content; it’s triple the potential interactions and engagements.

Over 90 days, this can significantly boost your visibility, establish you as a thought leader and lead to more opportunities.

The key is to work smarter.  


Welcome to AI! 

Last week, I revealed how I’m experimenting with AI. Many of you asked to follow my journey.

If you missed it, and you’re interested, you can click here and see how I’m getting on.

Yes, there are limitations, but WOW the opportunities – mind and boggling have never been more appropriate!

Smart Work vs. Hard Work 

Remember: working three times as hard isn’t sustainable.

Instead, focus on three times the efficiency.

By embracing ‘thrice as good’, you open yourself to the potential of exponential growth.

Triple your impact in the right areas.

Focus on effectiveness.

Leverage your efforts.

Observe and adjust.


Are you ready to be thrice as good?

I’d love to know your thoughts. Please leave them below.

Be Trilliant!



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