When coaching a new client, I often end up discussing values.

Once they truly understand their core values and can articulate and act on them, many parts of life become less complex.

Understanding your values gives you clarity.

For example, if one of your core values is ‘security’, that Everest expedition may be a bit of a push.

Or if ‘love and connection’ leads the field, you might not find it hunting for one night stands in a nightclub in Aylesbury (true story).

When I’m stuck or need a ‘values expert’ my go to font of values knowledge is Tim Brownson.

He’s scarily good. Actually brilliant.

And here’s the best bit. His amazing knowledge is available to you, too.

He’s only gone and written a book on the blinkin’ subject.

And best of all, it’s a true ‘how to’ book, backed up with loads of research and some excellent laugh-out-loud moments.

Even though it’s just been published, I was lucky enough to read it almost a year ago as Tim kindly asked me to write the forward.

Tim’s book is called ‘The Clarity Method’ and it’s available on Amazon here in the UK and the US.

I’m acutely aware that whenever my newsletter mentions anything for sale, some subscribers kick off, complain that I shouldn’t be mentioning anything commercial in a free newsletter and want to unsubscribe.

That’s fine. Follow your values. The unsubscribe button is at the bottom of the page.

Next week I may sell something else I believe in… And hopefully give you something valuable too.

One of my core values is sharing.

Be Brilliant!


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  1. May 30th 2019 by Toby Philpott

    Thanks for bringing the book to my attention Michael. It’s actually very timely for me these days as I’m contemplating making some changes in my life and want to do more things I will enjoy and which resonate more with my values.

  2. May 31st 2019 by TIM BROWNSON

    You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks so much for your support. not just with this, but through the years. You’re n inspiration!

  3. June 5th 2019 by Susan Goodbrand

    Thanks, Michael! Read your newsletter, as always, lol, immediately ordered Tim’s book and since it arrived, couldn’t put it down!! It revisited ‘stuff’ I already knew….but there was SO much more!!!

  4. June 20th 2019 by Jo Downey

    I Love recommendations and will be purchasing Tim’s book! Thank you!

  5. June 20th 2019 by Rose

    Your core value of sharing is that which makes you Brilliant, Micheal. I am going to get that book! And like you always say, Be Brilliant, I say Be Kind:) thank you, Micheal

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