I was going to call this blog, ‘Not Netflix and chill’; then I looked up what ‘Netflix and chill’ means and realised how completely out of touch I was with the urban dictionary!

So, let’s stick with just good old chillin’.

I’m a huge advocate of relaxing; your mind and body needs it. But rather than just chillin’, I like to focus on quality recovery time – QRT.  And the key word there is quality.

Chillin’ vs QRT

‘What’re you doin’ tonight?’


‘Any plans for the weekend?’

‘I thought I’d just chill’.

Late nights watching box sets, eating takeaways and drinking a bit too much have a place but too many days like that and you need to go back to work for a rest!


Quality Recovery Time is about refreshing your body, mind and soul.  And it’s the mind and soul part which often need to be nourished.

Here’s a quick challenge. If I were to ask you to sort these activities in to two lists – Quality Recovery Time and Chillin’ – which would you put in which list?

Browsing Facebook
Watching the X Factor
Going for a walk
Cooking a meal from scratch
Doing some yoga
A ten-minute closed eye meditation
Writing a grateful list
Having a lie in
Visiting a friend
Going to the cinema
Reading the Daily Mail website

I know some activities lend themselves more to one list than the other and there are a few blurred lines too. I’ll often complete my version of a ‘closed eye meditation’ at the cinema (it’s an age thing).

On your next free day, I’m challenging you to use it to create real Quality Recovery Time.

Your body will thank you and you mind and body will love you. Be Brilliant!



PS If you, like me, need to look up what ‘Netflix and Chill’ means don’t worry, you’re probably not doing it 🙂


  1. September 21st 2017 by Richard Bailey

    It’s so easy these days for people to fall into a bad habit of too much tv and social media etc rather than spend the quality time to enjoy and enrich their lives. Very little is needed to enjoy a happier life – slow down and live life simpler

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