I had a different email planned to send today.

But that’s been scrapped. Instead, I’d like to share this.

Last night I cried. 

I wasn’t even watching Long Lost Family 😢.

I cried because of a book. Actually, not a book. An author.

I was LIVE broadcasting in to my Write That Book Pop-Up Group.

Earlier in the day, a copy of first-time author Richard Thomas’s new book Memories from The End Of The Line (check out his blog) arrived.

It should have been a simple moment of joy. A member of Write That Book who had published their book.

But two minutes in and the water works started.

Yes, the book is stunning. It’s beautifully produced. Amazing quality and the photography is special.

What made me weepy, was a memory.

It came flooding back as I held Richard’s book.

A call I had with him late last year when he was wondering if he should join my Masterclass, to go for it and to publish his book.

And he wasn’t sure if he could do it.

I was.

I believed in Richard before he’d barely composed a word.  I’d seen his photographs and knew his #passion.

Fast forward a few months and not only has he written, designed and published a beautiful book but he crowdfunded the whole project, too.

You can watch me get a wobbly lip and leaky eyes here.

Great finishes happen because someone started.

What could you achieve in 2021 if you start now? Write That Book?

Be Brilliant!