In 1994, surrounded by dozens of professional magicians at the Blackpool Magic Convention, I nervously performed my trick in front of the legendary Paul Daniels.

It was my own version of the classic Coins Through The Table with a very special ‘kicker’ ending.

He loved it, gave a whoop and led the applause.

Afterwards, he asked for my business card and said he would pass it on to the producers of the Paul Daniels’ Magic Show. I didn’t have a card, and with genuine consideration he offered, ‘You should Michael, you’re good’.

I don’t believe I would ever have been asked on the show, and maybe he was just being kind.

But that day he gave me buckets of confidence and the fun, short-lived ‘career’ of Magic Michael was born.

I’m sure he knew how the trick was done.

I’m certain he could have performed it a hundred times better than me.

And I know he knew there were fifty other starry eyed magicians who wanted to meet the great wizard.

Yet he took 5 minutes to make me feel special.

Performing magic gave me the confidence to present, the ability to deal with crowds and a dozen skills which I still use today.

Paul Daniels taught me loads about magic and oodles about stage presence and performing – but the real gift he gave was a bundle of confidence.

Here’s a challenge for you. Take 5 minutes today to give someone a confidence boost and make them feel special.

They’ll like it – and quite a lot.


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