My latest book ‘17’ is dedicated to our granddaughter.

She hasn’t read it.

She’s only a few months old and would rather bite it.

I’ll be honest with you; I did have the thought, that one day, she might show her grandchildren the book and tell them their great great grandfather wrote in 2020.

That feels nice.

What do you want to be remembered for?

I’m sure words like kind, generous, fun etc spring to mind.

Some readers will be asking if their goals are big or impactful enough.

It doesn’t matter.

What matters is regret.

Or, the avoidance of regret.

Regret that you didn’t do what you’ve always wanted to do.

Like completing that challenge. Saying those words. Taking that risk. Writing that book…

Last May, over 400 people joined me for a free 5-day online Write That Book challenge. Since then, several have gone on to write, publish and sell their books.  Many have created their books and are writing now. And some just couldn’t quite get started (which is ok) but they still loved the challenge.

And now I’m doing it again.

I’m inviting you today to join Write That Book.

You can find out more about the challenge here

Or if you’re ready to join Write That Book Autumn 2020 now, just click here – the group is now open and we go LIVE on November 1st.

When you click, you’ll meet BrillBot, my new (slightly absent-minded) virtual assistant. Just follow what he suggests – especially when it comes to joining VIP – and he’ll make sure you receive all the information you need.

See you in Write That Book Autumn 2020.

Be Brilliant!


PS The dark nights are coming in quickly for those of us in the northern hemisphere. Imaging writing your book during the winter nights and publishing it in 2021… I’ll show you how in Write That Book 

PPS If you’re unsure what you would write about, join anyway. You’ll receive my guide 100 ideas for books and in the first session I’ll share with you exactly how find your idea.  


  1. October 30th 2020 by Jeannie Duncanson

    I want to be remembered For two things.
    1) As someone who had a quirky sense of humour and never gave up, regardless of what life through at her.
    2) That I Introduced The Educated Pheasant into their lives and that the different stories enriched children’s lives .

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