What will you with your online review?

We’ve been speaking at a lot of staff conferences recently. I love them.

I love the fact that organisations are still willing to bring all of their staff together and I’m thrilled that they’re asking me to speak to them.

I’ve been talking a lot about customer service and every individual’s impact on the outside world and how you will be measured on it.

The hotel and restaurant industry are regularly rated, praised and slated by online reviews. However, it’s rarely a negative review that does the damage; it’s how you deal with it.

And if you’re reading this with a sense of relief that you’re not currently reviewed online (for all to see) with a permanent cyber space opinion, then I’m sorry to burst your bubble – but it’s coming.

Soon every; business, not for profit, service provider, one-man band and government department will be reviewed online.

But don’t despair, here’s the good news stats on online reviews (data from TrustPilot)


Online reviews can generate up to 40% increase in business per year.


62% of people claim they are more likely to do business with a company after reading a positive review.


And here’s the best bit…


60% of consumers have written an online review in the last year, of which a whopping 83% have been positive!


This is major.

The people who are writing the reviews want to share good news. They want to share their positive experiences.

So if you are providing brilliant levels of service – embrace the online review world. Publish links, ask for reviews and if you do get a negative one DEAL WITH IT SWIFTLY.

Negative reviews that are dealt with swiftly have little impact on a consumer’s buying decision, but those that are ignored… ouch!

The message is simple: embrace the world of online reviews.

Write them. Read them. Act on them.

Be Brilliant!



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