On Tuesday evening Christine and I walked out of a restaurant in central Birmingham.

The lackadaisical way we were greeted, followed by the barman’s screams into the Dining Room (he wanted them to know the coffees he was making were ready) left us with a strong sense that the rest of the night could be even worse. We gave each other ‘that look’ before apologising and hightailing it out of there.

We wandered Birmingham’s boulevards (admiring the scale of the building work) before coming to a simple pub/restaurant called ‘Utopia The Country Bar’.

We received a pleasant welcome from a lovely young chap and we asked if we could have a table for two. ‘Oh I’m terribly sorry, we stopped serving food at 8.30’, he explained.

A quick look at my watch confirmed it was 8.45pm.

We were resigned to happily idle our way back to our hotel, then a lovely thing happened.

A voice next to us offered, ‘That’s not a problem, I’ll cook you some food’.


Luckily it was the restaurant’s chef and not just a random bloke in the bar.

15 minutes later we were enjoying our super supper.

A ‘wow’ doesn’t have to be something so amazing that you burst into spontaneous applause.

A wow is much more about showing how much you care.

Be Brilliant!


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