Did you see the Brit Awards last weekend?

Here are my takeaways.

Red Carpet 

The red carpet is a chance to show off. Pop star marketing at its best.

Look at what Sam Smith wore and the multiple memes that followed.

No matter what you think, Sam Smith won the red carpet.

What’s your red-carpet moment? How do you stand out?


Hosting the Brit Awards must be one of the hardest jobs. It must be, as no one has ever done a good job.

Poor Mo Gilligan proved once again, that even if you’re funny on stage, the Brit Awards are something else.

He nervously asked every guest the same question.

‘Are you enjoying yourself? Are you having a good time?’

It quickly became monotonous.

It makes you realise how brilliant top hosts are.

They prep, prep, prep then only use a tiny part of what they’ve prepared.

How much do you prepare? How much do you use? How do you create variety?

Accepting Awards

Some people are better at public speaking than others. Like singing.

Several of the acceptance speeches made me cringe, whereas others were well thought out and beautifully delivered.

Perhaps the best example of this was Harry Styles, who swept the board and also provided wonderful succinct and, at times, poignant speeches.

I like that lad.

Music Views and Opinion

It’s interesting how your views on music change.

I enjoyed Wet Leg, but after their performance, I couldn’t resist having a little look on Twitter.

Much of the banter was, who on earth are Wet Leg? What was that? Wet what?

It made me think of when I was most passionate about new music – the 80s. My dad used to rant to me, ‘Who’s this?’, ‘Never heard of them!’ And my favourite, ‘It’s just noise’ when new bands I was blasting were rocketing up the charts.

The Staging!

Wow.  A M A Z I N G !

How on earth do they reset that massive stage and get it ready for the next act so quickly?

Brilliant crew – that’s how.

The ones who don’t get the recognition. But should.

Big up the stage crew!


Even though some artists try to be cool, winning an award appears to mean a lot to them.

Recognition. Everyone loves it.

Are you getting too much recognition?

Thought not.

Do you know anybody who’s getting too much recognition?

Maybe it’s time to give more recognition to the people who you respect and admire.

Send them a message and let them know they’re doing a great job.


What did you think of The Brits? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Please leave a comment below.

Be Brilliant!



  1. February 16th 2023 by Jane Parsons

    I didn’t see the awards because I’m not a great fan of award ceremonies but I get your sentiments, Michael. I suppose all of us want or need recognition of some kind when we’ve done a good job. Might not be a red carpet, or big public occasion. Most time, friends and family are just fine.

  2. February 20th 2023 by Koulla

    So spot on as usual Michael, everything you said just resonated. Harry Styles was a class act with his speeches (even in just his delivery, calm and professional) watching the others give their speeches being all shaky and nervous made me feel awkward and nervous too.. I watch it each year (not live this year for me) bc I loved it as a teenager and so it’s nostalgia for me, but i’m getting over it… it literally gets worse and worse each year! 🙁

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