I need an ice cream

I need a long dress

I need a faster car

I need a new house

Need or want?

The difference between what we need and what we want is subtle.

But vital.

Being able to differentiate between these two verbs can make the difference between being happy or sad.

The child doesn’t need the ice cream, the teenager doesn’t need a new dress, the twenty-something doesn’t need a faster car and the middle-aged couple don’t need a new house.

They might want them, but they don’t need them.

When you add ‘like’ in the mix, this subtle variation can make an even bigger difference.

Have you experienced this? It’s Friday night (after one of those weeks) and you find yourself saying, ‘I need a drink’.  Do you need, want or would you like a drink?

I know the answer, I’ve had those weeks too!

What about, ‘I want a new job’, when actually you might like a new job but what you really need is a new challenge?

It’s simple, but very powerful reframing.

     What do you actually need? 

     What do you really want?  

     What would you ultimately like? 

Intelligent questioning suggests we slow down and consider our needs, wants and likes before we say them.  And listen to others too; is their need really a want?

A challenge for the weekend?

As always I’d love your thoughts. Please comment below.

Be Brilliant!


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