Last night we watched some of our old VHS tapes.

It was Christine’s idea.

And it was wonderful!

A few years ago, I attempted to persuade Mrs H to chuck out the old cassettes.

After last night, I’m glad we didn’t.

We watched ‘The Snowman’ (the David Bowie version).

Then we watched a 1997 Disney promotional video.

Wow! It was magical.

Those Disney peeps know how to sell a holiday. We remembered how we’d watched it with the kids, booked a holiday on the strength of it and then viewed it again, and again, and again…

The whole VHS experience was awesome.

You need to take time.

For a start, you need to get out of your seat and find the video.

Load the tape – schlup, clunk, whirrrrr and we’re off…

But not until you’ve watched the Federal Copyright Warning.

Then the slight static before a 4:3 image appears and the music begins.

You must watch it all.

No flicking, missing the credits, jumping from one show to the next.

Old school.

And we loved it.

Being part of something where you have to put a little effort in to get your reward out made it better – even something as simple as watching a video better.

That’s why I love TEAM17. It’s only for people who are prepared to put a little something in first to get something bigger and better out.

Would you like to know more?

For further information, register for the TEAM17 open evening.

It’s on Monday at 7pm.

Please click here to find out more.

Be Brilliant!


PS If you don’t know about TEAM17, it’s my private members’ group.  An amazing group of people who are passionate about making a difference to their lives and others.  You’ll meet some of them on Monday. Register here.

PPS What do you miss that you used to do all the time?  Please leave a comment below.


  1. September 16th 2021 by Gina Rotherford

    I was a cruse bereavement counsellor and trainer in my spare time for 24 years in Scotland. We were a small branch with a lot of autonomy and our counsellors and clients were our friends. We made a difference and changed the lives of many. I miss that.

  2. September 16th 2021 by Jackie Watson

    Eating anything I wanted, wearing high heels, running 5 times a week, keep fit 4 times a week, being a mother of young children, permed hair (no need to dry or style), having great debates about religion and politics, going out every night, lying in bed until midday at the weekend, spending money only on me, drinking too much, speaking without thinking, smoking too much, making a fool of myself most days, being full of energy. Or of course the obvious answer Being Young

  3. September 17th 2021 by Nigel Crowther

    My job that I loved being dressed in a suit and working with a wonderful team for a great company and amazing client. feeling well and laughing. being the person I used to be although never the real me.

  4. September 17th 2021 by Andree Daly/Currie

    HI Michael I’ve also been looking at old VHS while sorting Mams house, I got rid the endless recordings of Coronation street and CSI , but my dad also used to record things like sinbad the sailor and very old musicals. So Ive been watching them and will probably keep the Disney ones, that they have bought for their grandchildren to watch when they visited, if I don’t already have the. My grandchildren love watching DVD’s and think its quite exciting.
    The other things I miss doing are:-
    1. Playing a cassette in the car on long journeys, called’ Hello children everywhere’. It had some great singalong songs like Run rabbit Run by Flannegan and Alan, I am a soldier a scottish soldier, by Andy Stewart. My boomereang wont come back by Charlie Drake and Rawhide by Frankie Lane. All of these songs were considered ok for children to listen to back in the day, however there are a few dubious ones like She wears Red feathers by a Guy Mitchell which you probably wouldn’t encourage children to listen to today in case they sang it in assembly.
    2. Writing letters, How I love to receive a hand written letter. I had one the other day form an elderly relative and yes it was hard to read as his eye sight is not good now but, I’ll treasure it along with the many others from relatives not here today.
    3. Taking a film to the photographers to get developed and the excitement of going to collect them and showing friends.. even the blurry ones.

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