It’s funny how we lean towards believing the negative over the positive.

The various news channels know this and they thrive on it.

So what – we’re well aware of that.

It’s more important when we start to believe negatives about ourselves – especially when it’s a minority.

And worse, when that minority is just a one off.

But it sticks.

That ‘one’ could be; a result, an occasion, a person.

You could be feeling great in your new outfit, receiving lots of compliments… but it just takes one person to ‘helpfully’ announce that ‘it does nothing for you’ and where does your focus go?

Your results could be excellent, when suddenly a curve ball appears and you do a poor job. Where’s your success now?

You’re confidence is soaring, you’re great at meeting people and making connections – until that one person blanks you or doesn’t respond to an email.

So what are you going to believe?

The one person or the many
The one occasion or the many
The one result or the many

If it’s true that you get what you focus on, you’ll know what to do.

I think you’re brilliant by the way.


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  1. May 9th 2019 by BarryN

    Great article Michael and I can relate to this so much at the minute. I believe that I am a very positive person but have found myself looking for excuses and becoming negative. Time for change.

  2. May 10th 2019 by Anonymous

    You would not believe how perfectly timed this is Michael. Thank you 😊

    I hosted my 40th birthday party on Saturday. 94 adults and way too many children (40…. What was I thinking?!).
    At 1030 on Saturday morning my husband received a call from his daughter to say that her husband was not coming to the party. And the reason? Because I had said something that had offended him the last time he was at the house. To be fair, some alcohol may have been involved and, hey, what is family for if not for a bit of healthy conflict?! I was a combination of mortified and angry. You know me, I am on this planet to bring joy and happiness; I was angry that he had decided to announce this on the morning of the party. My husband did the right thing in giving me the time to process the news and get it out of my system in time for the party.
    I have had so many wonderful messages and big hugs and I feel truly blessed in the round but his action really stung.
    So, thank you. You are right. I am awesome 😉

  3. May 10th 2019 by Alistair James

    Michael, Thank you, that last line has come at such an opportune time. My wife and I are GPs and after losing all her colleagues, she has done an amazing job running her practice as a sole partner for three years. But after two more doctors resigned, she can’t do it any more and has had to close the surgery. This is a picturesque and very pleasant fishing village, what used to be a perfect job. It’s been tough, and there has been a lot of negativity. My practice, which neighbours hers, has gone through not dissimilar carnage and come out the other side, and are trying to help but it also triggers flashbacks of torrid times.

    Anyway, what you said in this email really was helpful, very well timed and really appreciated

    Thank you,

    PS I’ve also been using White Island for a bit of calm too, so another thank you.

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