I was just about to press the button and launch TEAM 17 University (if you don’t know about TEAM 17 you can find out more here).

That was three days ago.

Since then, our TEAM 17 University online host – Kajabi – has had three days of outages, database problems and connectivity issues.

I was so pleased with myself because I’d thought that uploading everything three days before you actually needed it was being super efficient. It would create loads of extra time… or so I thought.

How we learn.

I’m part of the Kajabi user group. It was interesting to see the reaction of the other members.

Some were threatening to sue the organisation, others wanted three months for free as compensation for the three days of problems.

And one member posted, ‘Let the person who has never made a mistake or had a technical issue criticise Kajabi.  I’m sure they’re doing their best.

And when it all goes belly up, that’s the only question you need to ask.

Am I doing my best?

If the answer is yes, sod the neg-heads and keep going.

If the answer is no…

… think about what you can do. Then do it.

I gave a big ‘like thumbs up’ and a positive comment to the person who was doing their best to give some hard-working people a bit of support.

After all, I’ve certainly experienced my fair share of negative reviews.  I once gave a person a free place on a course after they begged me to allow them to participate (and they convinced me they couldn’t afford it). I subsequently read their one star review which was posted from their holiday (just two weeks later) in Barbados.

I’m not sure if I was angry with the review or because they were in Barbados and I was reading it in Stoke.

Nothing wrong with Stoke. But it’s not Barbados.

TEAM 17 is now up and running and the TEAM 17 University (just one part of a six-part programme) launches today.

This section is a ‘University’ so we’re going to do our own version of Fresher’s – but completely socially distanced (some members are 3,000 miles away) and with the added bonus of waking up in our own homes.

If you’re interested in TEAM 17, but not quite sure what it’s all about, then click here to find out more.

As I write this on Wednesday evening, Kajabi is back online, my videos, swipe sheets, resources and audios are uploading beautifully and I’m sure there are a few techies who are breathing a sigh of relief.

They’ve been doing their best.

Be Brilliant!

Michael (doing his best) Heppell

PS Pinch and a punch and 92 days left of 2020. What’s your plan to make the last part of 2020 a hundred times better than the majority of it? For you? The most important person in the world?


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  1. October 1st 2020 by William

    A salutary reminder! Most people don’t get out of bed thinking, “How can I really ruin someone’s day today?” (well, I don’t anyway). As Arnie said in the first “Predator” film, “Sh-t happens!” It’s happened to all of us, it’ll go on happening. Murphy’s law is one of the few constants in our lives.

    May I use your expression “neg head”? It sums up a lot of the attitudes to a T. For some reason, people seem to think they’re entitled to a perfect offering every time – and usually they get it.

    Keep the faith!

  2. October 2nd 2020 by Amanda Walters

    Your post really resonated with me. It’s a trying time for us all, dropping into a blaming mindset doesn’t help. Your reaction is something you control….assume positive intent! Thanks Michael!!

  3. October 3rd 2020 by Alan Rafferty

    Interesting that the quote you chose is a conscious or unconscious paraphrase of a Biblical passage.

    John ch8 v7 ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.’

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