Our group was taken along a secret track, through a security door, deep beneath the awe-inspiring fountains on a visit to the pump room.

I was embarking on a behind-the-scenes tour of The Alnwick Garden.

Our guide, Dean, was brilliant.

He held the attention of every member of our group which ranged from under 3 to… (fill in the gap).

We all have different interests and, I’ll be honest, if you’d said we were about to get a water distribution engineering lesson I think the majority of the group (other than me) would have made a sharp exit.

What made this visit special?


Or should I say Dean’s passion.

I won’t go into detail about what he said.

But I will share how he said it.

First, he knew his stuff. He was a ‘retired Water Board Engineer’.

Secondly, he involved each of us. Every person receiving just the right amount of attention.

He was funny. Even managing to weave in a joke about treehouse fires (you had to be there).

And he was passionate!


When you’re passionate about a project, you get buy-in.

When you’re passionate about what’s happening, you get attention.

When you’re passionate about your subject, people listen.


And then… just at the right moment… with a psssst, whoosh and other noises I’m struggling to find words for, the fountains fired up and from underneath we were able to see 500,000 litres of water defy gravity to entertain the crowds outside.

When we watched the fountains from outside later they were even more special.

What’s your passion? What could you write a book on?

I’ll send a signed copy of my new book, Write That Book to our favourite.

Please leave your comment below.

Be Brilliant!


  1. February 23rd 2023 by Tricia Frances deGray

    I found out when writing my autobiography that my mum and dad were cousins …several times over going back hundreds of years. Their families were drawn together over time until eventually it led to me. I am so interested that I intend to research and write a series of books following on from my autobiography ‘ It’s all about Me and William the conquerors grandfather ‘ entitled ‘ It’s all about my Ancestors’. I want to include tips on how to trace your family tree. Passion is tracing your family back 2000 years and falling down quite a few rabbit holes on the way!!

  2. February 23rd 2023 by Averil Price

    I am passionate about helping leaders celebrating their legacies, mentoring their successor, preparing their team for their departure, and transitioning smoothly and successfully to their next chapter. How legacy coaching can help with this.

  3. February 23rd 2023 by Ruth McDonagh

    Thanks to WTB Pop-up November, I committed my passion to paper, which was: “Helping dogs and their owners live healthier and happier lives.” Guess what? Now I’m writing a book on it! Thanks for giving me that focus Michael!

  4. February 23rd 2023 by Gaynor

    My passion is MAA movement for an adoption apology
    I did include this in my book 📖

  5. February 23rd 2023 by Jacqueline Proud

    In the 1970s in Cradley Heath, West Midlands my late husband and I kept 12 lions, rwo cougars and a tiger. My husband worked away six days a week so I had to tend to them… I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would like to write about how I met my husband and the life we led – warts and all up to the time we kept the animals..

  6. February 23rd 2023 by Persephone (Debbie) Lynn

    My passion is miles away and different to my current book project which is a children’s picture book- I’m passionate about nursing, the day to day (unbelievable) experiences we find ourselves in- the extremes of emotion we experience in 1 shift, maybe 1 hour! Stress, hilarity, frustration, happiness, joy, sadness, even grief…… and how we cope with that using a dark sense of humour. The trouble with nursing is the devilishly dark sense of humour/sarcasm mixed with a lack of time/ coaching/ supervision to unpack some of the issues can lead to burnout, and mental health issues. There’s a future ‘diary of a nurse’ type book in me which will use a lot of the crazy events to make readers laugh/cry/gasp but will be interspersed with little ‘nuggets’ – practical tips/ things to do/ ways to cope/how to recognise burnout etc.

  7. February 23rd 2023 by Diane Jones

    Photography is my passion…

    Not just the pretty photographs I artistically take for my clients, but more so making sure they are getting the return on their investment by actually getting the photographs seen with Titles, Captions, Keywords and Alt Text beyond the website (which many don’t bother doing either).

    How you utilise your images on social media profoundly affects how Google indexes them, thus making sure your new customers can find your products and services.

    It’s the missing link businesses have on ALL social media platforms, and in some, such as Instagram, the images are NEVER indexed by Google.

    As a photographer, it baffles me why hardly anyone talks about this, and I am making it my mission to share it through public speaking, my social media, newsletters etc.

    and who knows…

    Maybe one day, writing that book!



  8. February 24th 2023 by Helen Johns

    My passion for supporting people living with dementia sparked a new career. I now train care home teams on how to use meaningful activity as an essential part of care. I even wrote a book about how I got involved in this work and why I am so passionate about it. The book is called: A Duck Out of Water: Mum, Dementia and care home life. OUT SOON

  9. February 25th 2023 by Richard Mills

    I suggested to my local BBC radio station that it would be a good idea to have a computer expert on their popular morning show. They must have liked my passion for the subject and the fact that I spoke in plain English, (not techo-babble), as the subsequent phone-in feature ran every month for a couple of years. Alongside many years of writing articles for a local magazine and a trade publication, I must procrastinate no longer, and now is surely time for me to Write that Book!

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