My wife, Christine, loves to read the credits. 

We’re the last ones out of the cinema and bedtime can’t happen until we’ve seen every name scroll by.

From Best Boy to Steady Cam Operator 2, she needs to know who did what.

And we marvel at the sheer number of people involved in making a show. It’s like a surprise every time.

I can’t resist my usual wisecrack during any opening credits, ‘Oh, this’ll be good, Reymond DeFriel is the 2nd Unit Director,’ I’ll say, earning the predictable eye rolls from my family.

So why do we fawn over the actors while the sound recordists go unnoticed? 

They’re geniuses!

Not a mic in sight, yet they capture every word Daniel Craig exasperates as he chases the bad guys.

Knowing a few sound recordists, I can tell you. They like it that way.



Some people are born to be in front of the camera; others prefer to be behind it.

Some write the scripts; others perform them.

Some light the stage; others move the props.

Some market the show and bring in the audience; others keep the books and make sure they balance.

Hundreds of roles.

wonder… do they love it?



One of the key messages in my How to Be Brilliant keynote is, ‘If you don’t love it, don’t do it.’

clarify: you don’t have to love every second of your job, but if you don’t love the essence of what you do, perhaps it’s time to find something else?

There’s joy in hearing people, like my mum, say they loved their career and felt it was a privilege to work.

There’s a sadness in hearing, I hate my job, but it pays the bills.



If you’re not enjoying being on stage, maybe it’s time to be a producer.

Do you love what you do? 

Did you make a switch? 

Have you retired happy? 

I’d love to know. You can share your comments below.

Be Brilliant!



  1. May 30th 2024 by Ruth McDonagh

    I retrained four years ago to follow my heart…working with dogs. I’d spent nearly 40 years as a journalist, copywriter, comms and media relations person. I’ve always loved writing, but I also love dogs. Now I combine my two passions and couldn’t be happier in my ‘work’ as a canine massage therapist. It’s sheer joy helping dogs live happier, healthier lives. And now I’ve ‘written that boook’ encouraging humans to help their dogs too!

  2. May 30th 2024 by Averil Price

    We are always last out of the cinema too. Everyone deserves their moment of fame and we love looking at all the names and the roles they fulfil to make such great films.

    I can honestly say that I loved my 31 years in local government. I know a lot of people knock local councils but I loved the variety of the work, development of staff and striving to deliver excellent services for local residents. Working in a political environment has its challenges but I’m so grateful for all the opportunities the sector provided for me to grow too.

    I now have a second career since November 2022 as an Executive Coach and Leadership Development Facilitator which I also love. Win win!

  3. May 30th 2024 by David Palmer

    Loved what I did. It mattered: it was exciting, and intellectually stimulating. The rules were there to be used. Then bosses became risk averse to the point of cowardice. I miss the people and the work, but I’m glad I’m not there today.

  4. May 30th 2024 by Robert Heys

    I’d like to offer a flip side…

    I worked in football for a good number of years, and loved being involved in the industry, in fact it is hard now to replicate the excitement of taking three points on a Saturday afternoon.

    However, around five years ago I started doing something different, and now get to travel around talking about a new recycling technology that we are developing in Blackburn, Lancashire – which I also love greatly.

    Do what you love, and enjoy doing it, but there might also be other things that you love doing too, so keep an open mind!

    But yes, don’t do things that you don’t love. I’ve done that too in the past, and that is never good.

    Keep smiling :o)

  5. May 30th 2024 by Lesley Renault

    I loved being a teacher in front of a class until covid hit. After that I began doing 1:1 interventions, which I am still doing at the moment, along with science parties which I have done for 8 yrs. I haven’t completely retired YET! but when I do it I will be happy as I can spend more time with my family and doing things I want to do.

  6. May 30th 2024 by Heather Stevens

    Yes, I like to see all the credits too! I’m exactly where I want to be at the present moment and enjoying the process of creating more of what I love doing 🙂

  7. May 30th 2024 by simon lowe

    What an amazing post, Michael
    I was lucky enough just to get enough qualifications to be that PE teacher. Adequate at sport but had a real passion for it. Important to do a job you like doing. I like Christine’s take we can’t all be lead singers I loved being a bassist!

  8. May 30th 2024 by Lee Baker

    I love the sentiment in this post. There are those who are more at ease in front of the notional camera and others who would rather be behind the scene, some people call support roles. Without the range and breadth of a team, the “front person” would not be as successful. We need to recognise all our staff for their commitment and delivery – #oneteam

  9. June 1st 2024 by Helen Mead

    I spent 35 years as an administrator, secretary and personal assistant. I Hated It, but as you said it paid the bills. I left work, sold my flat and moved back to care for my disabled dad and started writing on a grand scale. Best time ever. Up until the beginning of May this year I was in the throes of completing the final edit on my first written creation. And yes I am rightly proud of it. Sadly that is now on hold as my mum died suddenly so I’ve had to fall back on my administrative skills to sort out a long-lived life. Like my dad once said. “You don’t grow up until your parents are gone.” Look at me I’m a grown up! I’ll get back to finishing my love affair with keyboard and pen when everything is settled. To everyone out there who’s suddenly realised they’re all grown up too. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself time. You Are Not Alone. xx

  10. June 5th 2024 by Michael O’Sullivan

    I worked for 42 years for Jaguar Land Rover in many years with many challenges, I love being retired but also loved my job, I was often the first in and last to leave, never clocked watched as the days flew by, because I just couldn’t resist the next challenge, I thank you Jaguar Land Rover so much for giving me the opportunity and I am proud of my achievements there……putting dreams on drives as we used to say

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