‘I’m absolutely running on empty’.


The phrase running on empty has become an all too common part of our vocabulary.

And constantly having to ‘top up’ has become harder.

In an average week, withdrawals can be made by: kids, customers, colleagues, bosses, partner, friends, suppliers, neighbours, that person you sat opposite on the train, checkouts, check-ins, poor service, bills, breakages, illness, technology, bad driving, weather, slowness, bad news, broken sleep, inconsideration, debts, dark nights, gossip, grumpiness, family… should I go on?

But I believe our real challenge is less about filling up and more about plugging the leaks.

It makes perfect sense in a logical world. If you had a bucket full of holes you’d fix the constant drain and then fill up.

But with life (emotional, not logical), we can be so busy refilling we don’t have – or take – the time to fix the leaks.

Could you invest some thinking, time and energy to plug a few holes or even invest in a new bucket?

Be Brilliant!


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  1. January 30th 2020 by Jeff Caplan

    Running on empty – A fabulous song by Jackson Browne

  2. January 30th 2020 by Jude

    Idea from Bill Ford’s book “High energy habits” – each time you “swat away” a minor irritation (e.g. step over clutter left by children) it drains energy. Dealing with the irritation stops the drain and adds a bit. I remind myself of this whenever I notice myself swatting 😀

  3. January 30th 2020 by David Lee

    I think this is called the “Dear Liza” strategy!

  4. January 30th 2020 by Amanda Collings

    Time for Jackson Brown I think

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