Phase One – Panic and Preparation.

Dunkirk Spirit. We can do this. All in this together.

Phase Two – New Ways of Working.

Zoom. See you in two months. Lower expectations. Date Nights and YouTube Quizzes.

Phase Three – Back to Normal.

Except there is no normal. ‘But I can’t stay like this!’. Phased return. Look at what others are doing. My job is different. Everything’s different.

This latter phase is the one that needs the most care, consideration and compassion.

It’s less a case of Who Moved My Cheese and more Who Moved My Life.

Be kind. Listen to understand. Look after yourself first. Open your mind to possibility.

Eat cheese.

Be Brilliant!



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  1. May 28th 2020 by Christine Stockings

    Very good advice Michael. I think leaders will have to be looking at their culture and maybe moving it to another style to accommodate and nurture teams through this transition. The book you refer to is excellent.

  2. May 28th 2020 by Simon Lewis

    And as you type it I see my favourite local shop: the Cotswold Cheese Shop 🙂

  3. May 28th 2020 by DEE

    Really kind, thoughtful & deep statements, Michael, showing genuine empathy…. you’ll be a great help to many during the months & years ahead. DEE xx Diana Cosford

  4. June 1st 2020 by Adam

    I agree Phase Three is the area that needs the most care taken but we will have to return to as close as normality as possible by the new year.

    If we continue to ban events and gatherings there are whole sectors of the economy such as sports, entertainments, events management, conferencing, business networking, hoteliers etc that will see venue close, employees out of work and companies that supply them lose large percentages of their revenues and staff.

    Our goal should be to develop an effective treatment (vaccine would be lovely but a treatment will do) and aim to have the economy and society back to normal by December otherwise the economic damage will be so severe it will take a decade to recover from

  5. June 4th 2020 by John Peters

    Here is a Flip It for you. I became disabled with Multiple Sclerosis. That was my lockdown. I went through Phase One, Panic. Then Phase Two, found new ways of working. Phase Three is not exactly back to normal but an acceptance of a new normal. No government is going to lift this lockdown ever. So I have been in lockdown for years. However, in lots of ways my new normal is better.
    Now off to find some vegan cheese.

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