You meet people every day. Dozens probably.

But how many of those people would you describe as genuinely interesting?

Would you like to meet more?

There’s a knack to meeting them.

Most of what I’ve written below is ridiculously obvious, the best methods usually are, but do you know them or do them?



Put yourself in a situation where you’re more likely to meet interesting people.

There’s no doubt that if you enhance the environment you enhance the connections.

The smoker’s step at Wetherspoons could lead to some riveting acquaintances, but an organised networking event, conference or learning day will probably provide better results.


Embrace Diversity

Have an open mind*.

Be curious.

Ask the follow-up question before diving in with your view.

Practice the ability to hold two opposing views in your mind at the same time.

*Maybe the ‘Spoons smoker’s step could yield results?


Meet Professionals

If you’re passionate about cooking and want to learn some ‘how to’, then a cookery school is the place to meet others, including the teacher, who’ll share your passion.



People who volunteer their time to help others are shown to be happier and more engaging than those who simply make a cash donation.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the charities are happy with the cash too. But if you want to meet interesting people, get involved with a project that fuels your passion.


Be Interesting

Achieved by doing the opposite of what most people think.

Don’t tell, ask. Being interested in others makes you an interesting person.

Often we paralyse ourselves by trying to be interesting when the secret is to show interest first. Interesting people will gravitate towards you.


Ask Better Questions

Meeting people and asking well thought out questions is a guaranteed way to meet remarkable people.

What’s your best opening question?

Please share below.


Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

In How to Be Brilliant (Chapter 2), I challenge readers to start conversations with five strangers.

It can be anywhere; in a queue, on a train, out walking. You’d be amazed how many people want to connect with you – but you have to make the first move.

This even works on The Tube in London – honest! 😂.


Show Up  

There are lots of reasons why you shouldn’t bother to put yourself out and meet new and interesting people. Telly’s good at the moment.

However, they are vastly outweighed by the incredibly positive outcomes when you take the time to meet and connect with different and stimulating people.


If any of the above has resonated with you, then I highly recommend upgrading your connections and attending DAY17 in London on June 17th.

As well as learning from 17 brilliant diverse speakers passionately sharing their knowledge, you’ll also meet 55 interesting participants. People, like you, who care about their personal development and want to make a difference.


As I write, only eight tickets are remaining for DAY17 and I would love for you to attend. You can find out more here.

As always. I’d love to know your thoughts about this newsletter or anything else you would like to share. Please let me know below.

Be Brilliant!


  1. May 18th 2023 by Anon

    Thanks for this. I used to have a mindset that every person I met could turn out to have a massive impact on my life, they may say or do something that would impact me positively or negatively forever. I’m not sure when I stopped looking at others this way, probably limited by time, though will make an effort to revert to this way of thinking to engage with people more in my day to day. Even if just to meet interesting people!

  2. May 18th 2023 by DG

    Who inspired you to ……..? Who inspires you now?

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