2015 won’t be your best year ever.  Unless…

You tick a few items from this MUST DO list…

Break some of your destructive habits.

Do five of the things on your ‘too hard list’.

Spend time with people who are better than you.

Cut down on your Facebook, Candy Crush, Instagram, etc.

Step up your reading.

Ask for the business.

Take positive action – so much better than just positive thinking.

Eat a little less and move a little more.

Focus on the important and park the trivial.

Put YOU first…
then family
then friends
then colleagues
then customers
then everything else

SHOW the people you love that you love them and TELL them (every day) too.

Stop procrastinating. Do it now. DO IT NOW. DO IT NOW!

Invest in yourself. You’ll get a bigger return than any stock market, ISA, pension or property. And it can’t ever be taken from you.

Understand your core values and live by them.

Give more.

Take less.

Look for the good in people, situations and circumstance.




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