Why I Put Stuff Off

I had to visit the dentist today. So typically, for the last 4 days I’ve been intensely brushing and flossing the choppers for longer and than normal.

It’s totally ridiculous. If I needed dental work on my tusks the damage will have been done long before now. So why spend time in the final minutes/hours/days trying to catch up when you know action was needed earlier?

It’s the for same reason as you:

Try to lose weight the week before the ball

Put off your Christmas shopping until mid December

Tell your boss ‘you’re on it’ – when you haven’t even started

Say you’ll tidy your life, forget, then mess it up royally


I used to put the ‘Pro’ in procrastination. I still could (sometimes do) but now I have 3 words which have helped me to get my lazy ass into gear and get things done.

Those 3 words are… DO IT NOW.

As soon as find myself stalling, I’ll say those 3 magic words (out loud if I can) and get to work on something; in fact – anything, large or small that get’s me out of the idle and into the action.

It’s doesn’t always work. Actually that’s not true, the idea always works, it’s me who doesn’t always do it.

REFRAME: The idea always works – when you do it!


No one plans to procrastinate but the reality is we ALL do. Prime Minsters, Presidents, Brain Surgeons, Economists they’re are all at it. Putting off the imperative to do something less essential.

The belief that procrastination can be good is predominantly peddled by the people who benefit from it; Xbox, Netflix, Facebook, et al positively encourage it. They’ll suck you in with ‘just 5 more minutes’ then boom – you’ve lost your job.  But on the upside you did get to the end of Breaking Bad.

Three simple words followed by just one action.


Here are six procrastinating pounders to get you cracking.


  1. Fancy a weekend away? Book the hotel. You’ll fill the rest of your time once you know where you’re staying. DO IT NOW.


  1. Have to set up the meeting? Pick up the phone and offer 3 options. Notice it’s pick up the phone rather than email.  DO IT NOW.


  1. Need to create that report, article, proposal? Write the first 100 words. That’s all just the fist 100. DO IT NOW.


  1. Not sure what to buy someone? Click here, choose one and send it to them. DO IT NOW.


  1. Could be fitter? Buy a pedometer and go for 10,000 steps a day. This is the one we use. DO IT NOW.


  1. Neglecting a loved one? Call or text saying how much you love them. If they’re in the room do it face to face. DON’T wait until this evening. DO IT NOW.

Be Brilliant!


PS I was going to send this next week


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