The expression, ‘Get out of your comfort zone’ is bandied about all too frequently.

The truth is we don’t do it.  And the number one reason? It’s too uncomfortable.

And when people like me tell you, ‘All the big growth takes place outside of your comfort zone’ you don’t really want to hear that.

Actually, that’s not true, you’re happy to hear it; it’s in the action that you come unstuck.

So, I have a challenge.

Commit to just one thing in the next 7 days that will really stretch you.  And here’s the important bit.

Tell 10

Tell 10 people what you are committed to doing.

You’ll be much more likely to do it if you tell 10 friends, family, Facebook friends, colleagues etc. that you’re going to do something than if you just tell one (or no one!).

I have 16,000 people who subscribe to this newsletter – so I think I owe it to you to get the ball rolling.

Make Me Terrified

I’ve asked myself, where can I get out of my comfort zone and get some growth?

And the answer screamed back. Ask your readers!

So it’s over to you. Give me a scary challenge.

I’m very comfortable standing in front of large crowds of people and public speaking. I know that frightens the willies out of most people – but I love it.

I’ve jumped out of a plane, performed a stand-up set at the Comedy Store and coached people who are infinitely brighter than me.

I don’t really like heights and small spaces and there’s a few other fears which lie deep.

But I don’t want to sway you and your creativity – so go for it. Challenge Michael!

You can comment on my website below, email [email protected] or use my Facebook or Twitter feeds. Go for it.

Be Brilliant!



  1. September 7th 2017 by Emily Coltman

    Michael, I challenge you to take up running and do a race! It doesn’t have to be any longer than 5k unless you want to – but within the next 6 months I challenge you to complete a 5k race!

    1. September 7th 2017 by Michael Heppell

      Easy! Give me a bigger challenge – not a running one though.

  2. September 7th 2017 by Max Lintott

    White Collar Boxing! For me at 52 years (age should not come into it) having to train and reach fitness levels I never achieved in my pomp, learn a new sporting skill as well as psychological outlook.All for a great charity cause and oh yes a boxing match in front of 900 people.

    1. September 7th 2017 by Michael Heppell

      I’m too pretty 😉

  3. September 7th 2017 by Tony O'Donnell

    Michael … that small spaces thing … how do you do underground ? Visit a tunnel under construction or go caving in a wet cave with some tight squeezes ? We can help with the former

    1. September 7th 2017 by Michael Heppell

      Hi Tony. The tunnel urghhh. Are you digging one now? If so where is it? This could be a contender.

  4. September 7th 2017 by Joan

    I’m a 79 year-old springboard and platform diver. (I started at age of 45.) Why not jump off a10m platform? It’s not a brilliant goal, but if you don’t like heights…

    1. September 7th 2017 by Michael Heppell

      You are an inspiration Joan! I will be in touch about another project I’m working on – I’d love to know more.

  5. September 7th 2017 by Charlotte

    I challenge you to a week without technology or work! Just kick back with the family and enjoy quality time together, I guarantee you will grow when you are free to let your mind wander. You’ll really think deeply about the thoughts that just flick in and out of your consciousness on a daily basis

    1. September 7th 2017 by Michael Heppell

      Just had almost 6 weeks of that. I love it Charlotte – not really a challenge 🙂 Dare you to push me harder!!

  6. September 7th 2017 by Peter Farrell

    …take flying lessons in the smallest plane available… :-p

    1. September 7th 2017 by Michael Heppell


  7. September 7th 2017 by Tina

    You seemed to have missed the ” go caving in a wet cave with some tight squeezes” made by Tony O’Donnell. This was going to my suggestion. I challenged myself a few years ago with an Outward bound course in the Lake District. Caving Abseiling , Zip wire, canoeing and the ropes course up in the trees, great challenge in February ! Especially the walk up Helvellyn with a guide dog running in between everyone’s legs ! All in a week………..

    1. September 11th 2017 by Michael Heppell

      Sounds wonderful! Love the Lakes and very happy to live just an hour away.

  8. September 7th 2017 by Michelle Billington

    You talk about great customer service in hospitallity. The great and the bad. Go into that area and provide that service for weekend (without you being a extra pair of hand)

    1. September 11th 2017 by Michael Heppell

      Too close to real work. Challenge me!

  9. September 7th 2017 by Eddie Armstrong

    Hello Michael,I do recall your adventure for heights within the family roofing business.Now a slightly different approach to gaining height whilst being in touch with nature;Rope and harness and some metaphorical friends,Crag lough is not very far from your office,Warm multi layers a must this time of year.Alternative :A bit of Mediterranean sun creates a warmer ambient feel to the proceedings,inspiring teamwork comes to mind.

    1. September 11th 2017 by Michael Heppell

      Hi Eddie. I’ve done a few abseils and climbs. Scary at the time, very rewarding afterwards.

  10. September 7th 2017 by George

    Spend a week on a hospital ward observing the caring for critically sick patients and their families.

    1. September 11th 2017 by Michael Heppell

      I have huge admiration for what our brilliant health care workers do. Infinitely more brilliant than me.

  11. September 7th 2017 by Samantha Paine

    Partner with me to do a 10km open water swim next year. Apparently Dart 10km is a good one, we can raise money for charity as an added bonus (I’ve never done a 10km open water swim before either!)

    1. September 11th 2017 by Michael Heppell

      PURE terror!

  12. September 7th 2017 by Tracy

    Take part in the London 2 Brighton Challenge 2018 whether it’s cycling, running or trekking.

    1. September 11th 2017 by Michael Heppell

      Possible Tracy. I really like Brighton.

  13. September 7th 2017 by Cath Spencer- Smith

    Having attended your ‘How to be a super speaker’ workshop, I’ve been on a mission to help the most snorsville, unwitting, non-lay language, crap-speaking, private practice Orthopaedic Surgeons, to break out if bones-ville and learn how to put on a kick-arse, practice-building talk. Help me save them!

    1. September 11th 2017 by Michael Heppell

      Sounds like you don’t need any more help. Just keep doing what you do Cath.

  14. September 7th 2017 by Danny Russell

    Wear a Sunderland shirt, in full view, to the next Newcastle home game

    1. September 11th 2017 by Michael Heppell

      Now that is terrifying!

  15. September 7th 2017 by Debsy

    Shave your head completely bald and raise money for your fave charity

    1. September 11th 2017 by Michael Heppell

      Ha Ha. – No 🙂

  16. September 8th 2017 by Sally Betts

    I challenge you to give control over what challenge you do completely to us. Gather all the ideas given. Present back to us, your readers the 5 ideas that are suggested the most and then let us vote on which you do.

    1. September 11th 2017 by Michael Heppell

      Good idea, as I am finding it challenging to choose.

  17. September 18th 2017 by Lizzie Haigh-Reeve

    Hi Michael
    How about standard no in the shoes of someone who faces a daily battle. Either a week of being deprived of a sense, sight, hearing or speech or a week as a wheelchair user then you can be a champion for that group. No one is more persuasive than you for the thousands of people who need a champion. Any of the charities will help with Sim specs, or something to deprive you of hearing. It’s interesting for the first hour and frustrating and disemowering after that.

  18. December 28th 2017 by Karen Young

    I know you have already done this task but how about something for 2018!! The evolution never stops Michael, so keep this going.
    Last year I gave up having a car and took public transport, taxi’s, uber, lyft and zipcar. The year before that I saved half my wages. For 2018 I will do the 30-day minimalist challenge every 2 months that is 2,480 items removed from my home and donated, given away or binned. What is your challenge??

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