First of all, it’s great to be back.  We’ve rested for most of August and as usual, when it gets to September, I’m raring to go.

Plus, conference season is starting and we’re going to be speaking to thousands of people over the next couple of months. Can’t wait.

How was your summer? For half the world it’s been a scorcher – I hope you had an opportunity to enjoy some sunshine.

Anyway, enough of that.

Last week we were enjoying an end of the day drink with our neighbours when I asked,

‘Why is it always the middle of the night when your smoke alarm low battery beeps?’

And both of our neighbours knew the answer!

In fact, they looked at me like I was a little dim for not knowing.

It’s one of those answers that when you do hear it you just think yes, of course.

Are you ready…?

The reason why it’s always the middle of the night when your smoke alarm low battery beeps is because batteries are less efficient when they are cold. And most people’s homes are coldest in the middle of the night.

And that’s it.

In the simplest of terms, it could be described as specialist knowledge.

And specialist knowledge can be valuable – as those who possess it know.

You will have heard the story of the engineer who re-started a factory and charged £5,001 for turning one screw.

When he was asked for an itemised bill he wrote: Screw turning £1. Knowing which screw to turn £5,000.

What’s your expertise?  What’s your specialist knowledge?

Don’t know yours?  Time to create it.

Know yours? Time to realise its value.

Be Brilliant!




  1. September 6th 2018 by Debbie Honrado

    re: your recent email – 6SEP2018

    Michael Heppell

    You’ve done it again – Inspired Me !!!!

    I first heard of you a few years ago when the gorgeous Davina mentioned you on a Chris Moyles show – I think when he did his longest show ever. Anyway, from that moment, I looked you up, signed me up and have loved your little moments of inspiration ever since.

    So… thank you… if there is one bit of expertise I have discovered about myself, it is that I can say thank you… and I can be warm or cold to do it… and costs nothing.

    Stay courageous,

  2. September 6th 2018 by Karin Borland

    Love this Michael! It reminds me of the situation I find myself in when folk asked me how long one of my paintings or textiles takes. The answer if course 55 years! And counting.

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