… until September.

I love to take a break and deciding to take August off was one of our greatest decisions.


Days out.

Pottering in the garden.

Tidying the garage.

(Well actually not tidying the garage – it’s a holiday not a penance)

Just as farmers leave fields to lie fallow, I will be attempting to do the same with my brain.

But it won’t work. Because every time I attempt to relax my brain, it thinks up all my best ideas.

Funny that.

And it’s a roundabout way of getting to this week’s message.

Never feel bad about planned times of less…. as you’ll almost certainly end up with more. 

Be Brilliant!


PS We always love your comments.  If you have one about your summer break, please leave it here.



  1. August 1st 2019 by Steve

    Thought Reading was a strange choice for a holiday destination-until I read rest of list and then reframed the word based on content

    Which is always a good reminder to think before you react to what you think you have heard/seen

  2. August 1st 2019 by Donal

    Many thanks for your encouraging messages.

    Have a brilliant holiday!

  3. August 1st 2019 by Simon Richardson

    Its all too easy to exhaust uourself cutting down all those trees……. we sometimes forget to stop now and then to sharpen our ax.

  4. August 2nd 2019 by Veronica

    Tidying the garage will be therapeutic and your spouse/family will be thrilled. You will find things you didn’t know you had, throw out things you don’t need or use, and make proper space for things you do need/use and find them quickly in the future. Do a “Marie Kondo” exercise – hold the article and ask “Does it bring me joy” and if the answer is NO, out it goes. Good luck and happy holidays…

  5. August 2nd 2019 by Mike Rainey

    I read you headline with alarm! So that means it did its job! You are right to dismiss ideas of clearing the garage. That was on my list for ages, then I decided to stop fussing about it. One of my better decisions!

  6. August 3rd 2019 by manuel Rose

    Have a blessed break, Michael. Enjoy time with family and friends. I will be taking a trip to Italy with my daughter:)

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