‘That’s ballsy’, said my potential client.

‘I know’, I responded, ‘but it does two things…’

A response I received recently when I informed a new customer that we give a ‘100% total satisfaction guarantee’.

It’s not a gimmick – it’s a brand promise. And one we’re proud of.

I just wish more companies would do the same.

Premier Inn offers a ‘good night’s sleep’ or you don’t pay

Thin Optics (who have a life-enriching product for the long-sighted) offer a Lifetime Guarantee

Our simple guarantee is: ‘If you aren’t 100% happy with the service we provide, we’ll refund you 100% of your fee.’

A guarantee like that does two things.

It reassures our customer. We’re at the higher end of the scale for speaking, training and coaching. As a new customer, knowing you can’t lose money,  especially if you’ve never seen me present before, is comforting.

It keeps me sharp! I don’t want to have to return my fee, so it helps to ensure we continue to provide the very best service.

Only twice (in 20 years) have I been asked to give a refund.

Once it was totally my fault. The other occasion… well let’s just say we had a slightly dodgy client and returning the fee cost him thousands. The story is a little long for a newsletter, but you can read about it here

What’s your guarantee?

Work and personal?

What can you promise to your customers, colleagues, friends and family that guarantees you’ll do what you say you will do?



Regular readers will know that I very rarely speak at open (public) events.

However, I am very excited to say I will be speaking at The Business Excellence Forum in Liverpool next month.

This is an amazing 2-day event with 8 great speakers including:


Baroness Karren Brady

Andy Bounds

And footballing legend Kenny Dalglish


You can find all the details here

and if you use the discount code ‘MichaelHeppell’ you’ll save £100.

I guarantee you’ll have a great time.


Be Brilliant!



PS One more special time-saving guarantee can found here



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