Why you should always sing happy Birthday

Looking through the steamy window of the Good Earth Chinese restaurant it appeared to be packed. Your immediate reaction would be to assume there’d be no tables.

But as I’ve always said, ‘You don’t know ‘til you go’. So we went in, smiled and asked.

Of course there was one last table for two downstairs.

Shortly after our food arrived, the giant table of 14 next to us received a cake flickering with candles. A chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ rang out so we enthusiastically joined in.

10 minutes later a bottle of fine wine appeared on our table with a message. ‘It’s from the gentleman on the next table.’

We had a chat with the table host (Uncle Robert) and thanked him for his generosity.  He shared an interesting truth with us.

Not only had we been enthusiastic, we were the only other people in the restaurant who had joined in their singing.

He wanted us to know that our ‘joining in’ had been appreciated.

Simple message.

It’s often easier to sit back.

It feels more complicated to get involved.

It’s simpler to let others do the work.

But who knows what might happen if you step up, step out and be a part of something new.

You don’t know ‘til you go.

Be Brilliant!




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