I’m already hearing people putting stuff off until 2017 because, ‘Let’s get Christmas out of the way first’ is creeping in.

How about flipping it and going for a final push?

In the next two weeks, you could:

Do a deal – a friend of mine drove 400 miles to see a potential business partner on Christmas Eve, did the deal and in the three years following made millions.

Shift some weight – who says the diet should start in January? I bet you lose a few pounds in the next 15 days if you wanted to.

Make that call – you know that one you’ve been putting off?  Yes, that one. Go on pick up the phone and do it.

Have a clear out – as the decorations go up it’s a perfect time to fill some bags for the charity shop or have a trip to the dump.

Start writing your journal – lots of people start writing a journal in January only for the habit to fade by February. If you start now, you’ll capture lots of Christmas memories and kick start the habit.

Put yourself first – Ok I’m sure there are lots of readers who think this is the least likely time of the year to do this. However, can I challenge you to create a little bit of ‘me time’ every day? Just sit, breath and be thankful.

Only a couple of weeks to go!

Be Brilliant!


PS I did a super audio interview with Ross and Mark from The Fitness Life. You can hear it here.

And if you’re a bit stuck for what to buy for a Christmas gift this year, how about clicking here for a book that makes someone better?


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