I’ve been listening to Billy Connelly’s autobiography.


As well as sharing his fascinating and funny life, he also explains what it means to be ‘Windswept and Interesting’. 


One of the keys to being windswept and interesting is if you try to be windswept and interesting you will invariably fail. 


You can’t make yourself windswept and interesting.


You either have it, or you don’t.  


It’s just a thing.


Love what you do.


When I was a teenager, I tried to fit in. Then one day I found my groove.  


If you happen to have a photograph of me aged 17 you’ll notice I had a certain ‘look’.

Dyed spikey hair, glam boy makeup, red winklepickers, skin-tight black trousers and a tailcoat. 


A picture of me at my happiest during my troubled teen years. 


When I became a roofer (yes roofer by day – glam boy by night) it wasn’t a job I loved. 

I joined the family business and was trying to please my dad, but couldn’t wait for home time.   


And in doing so pleased no one. 


Then I became a youth worker, fundraiser then eventually a professional speaker and author. 


All jobs where I’d pinch myself.

I was being paid to do what I love!


I’d work all the hours needed and love every second.  


It’s just a thing. 


I’ve tried various fitness regimes from 5 mile 6am runs to being ‘beasted’ by a PT.

All made me miserable!


Now I explore the hills where I live and 15 miles in an afternoon is effortless. 


It’s just a thing. 


Embracing your thing and making a conscious decision not to be anything other than your authentic self is liberating. 


Windswept and interesting.  



What do you do that others just don’t get? 


Please share ‘your thing’ in the comments.


Be Brilliant!



PS One of my most successful discoveries in the last 12 months has been sharing an online quiz. It’s a fantastic service and a great way to find new customers.  

My mate Steve Auchetti (who designed my quiz) is running a cool ‘done with you’ training programme to teach you how to build and use a quiz.

I’ve asked him for a special offer for our members and he’s put this together for me.




Take a look. It’s very cool.  




  1. April 28th 2022 by Judy Brulo

    My ‘thing’ that others don’t quite get is Vultures!

  2. April 28th 2022 by Louise Skinner

    Riding my bike(s) makes me happy. I ride on my own, I sometimes ride with a very sociable group-always with a cafe stop, and I occasionally enter a longer distance ride to challenge myself. I don’t need to compete with anyone else or take myself too seriously, I just enjoy riding at a comfortable pace whilst marvelling at the beauty of our glorious countryside. Every ride feels like an achievement and makes my heart sing for so many varied reasons, depending on the day. 🚴🏻‍♀️

  3. April 28th 2022 by Ronan small

    See the good in everyone.

  4. April 28th 2022 by Fiona Myles

    Totally love our Billy Connolly ❤
    My two things are juggling and sitting in complete silence for as long as I can get away with it ……

  5. April 28th 2022 by Sue

    “My thing” is finding utter contentment in living a simple life after 20+ years of being emotionally and physically abused, browbeaten, controlled, tightly financially controlled, violated, friendless, and feeling that I was buried alive in a coffin.

  6. April 28th 2022 by Jeffrey Gitomer

    Great story!

  7. April 28th 2022 by Justina McGillivray

    After googling pictures of Michael Heppell age 17 to check out his glam-rock look, one of my many ‘things’ is not only hiking in the countryside around me but stopping often to talk to birds, cows, sheep.. the closer they get, the happier I feel. I know not everyone will get that, but I don’t care 🙂

  8. April 29th 2022 by Neil Hollins

    I build a Lego Tehnics set every Christmas which takes me 3-4 days. I have loved Lego since a child and always amazed at the creativity and design which goes into small plastic pieces to create something awesome! “Lego its not just for kids” 🙂 PS. I dont work for lego 🤣

  9. May 2nd 2022 by Liz Pert-Davies

    Sitting in a cosy room with a good book and a hot drink when it’s lashing with rain outside.

  10. May 10th 2022 by MaryMasaba

    I make baskets that can be real or non baskets but something made using basketry techniques ,what they call ‘contemporary’ basketry. I give them as presents or donate them to a North London charity to sell. They are colourful (like myself who is a woman of colour in more ways than one) and mostly, I use washing lines which come in loads of colours and textures and cost very little.

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