I was asked during an interview, ‘What’s the one thing that changed your life?’  

It’s one of those questions that could have multiple answers.  

My mind whirred.  

Meeting my wife? Being given the opportunity to do the job I love? Having kids?  

They’re all in the mix.  


But the answer I gave was deciding to write. 


Like many people I didn’t believe I could write. Reading this, perhaps you’re wondering if I can.  

A combination of a lack of confidence, being told by teachers I couldn’t, a bit of dyslexia and an underlying belief that no one would want to read my words, left me thinking about it.  

But not doing anything about it.


Then that changed.  


I’m now the international best-selling author of seven books. Including a Sunday Times No. 1. My books have been translated into 28 languages. They’re available in 80 countries. The reviews are (largely) very positive. 

And now I’m teaching hundreds of people how to write publish and sell their books. 


I make myself write every day. 

And here’s a secret.  

Just between you and me. 

Most of what I write is sh**e.

But, it’s never seen.  

This is draft four of this newsletter.  I wouldn’t use the first one to light the fire.


Why do it?

Because I know words can change worlds.  


And every word I write will be there long after I’ve gone.

Write it once, have it read over and over.  


Would you like to learn how? 

This August I’m hosting a very special mini-course.

It’s specifically for people who want to write a non-fiction book.

It could be your memoir, a business book, a self-help paperback, a religious tome, it doesn’t matter.  It’s just not for fiction or children’s writers… this time. 

 If you’d like to find out more, I’m hosting a special webinar on Monday July 18th at 7pm.   

It’s free and I’ll share with you the impact that writing can have on your business, personal profile and quality of life. 


To reserve your place just click here.  


Not interested in being a writer? 

I know writing isn’t for everyone, but reading must be. 

I’m a little taken aback when someone proclaims, ‘I haven’t read a book for 20 years!’  

They wear it like a medal. 

But that’s not you. You’re a reader.


And if you don’t want to write more, then please read more


Words change worlds.  

Be Brilliant! 


Michael Heppell 

PS But if you have ever fancied becoming a writer, click here and join me on July 18th. Recordings are available for those who register.



  1. June 30th 2022 by Noel Wincote

    I fall under the category of not reading a book for a good 25 yrs. it was only when I pick up a book by Arthur C Clarke that I started again and read as many of them as I could this led to others and the rest is history, which then prompted me into writing.

  2. July 2nd 2022 by Milly Hayward

    I can’t imagine a world without books or writing. Reading is the door to different worlds, viewpoints and a never ending source of knowledge. It take you on adventures and helps broadens your perceptions. Enriches your life and helps you grow as a person.

    Writing is like giving back something of yourself into the mix. Sharing your knowledge, experience, imagination and truth in the hope that you too can touch another’s life. In the same way so many authors have touched yours before.

  3. June 21st 2023 by Efrosini

    Thank you for your insights.

    I tried to register for the webinar on 18th July, by clicking link, but it did not work.

    Would you be able to help?
    Many thanks,

    1. June 21st 2023 by Michael Heppell

      Thanks for your message. I think you may be referring to Words Change Worlds which was a webinar from 2022? Would you like any help with writing? Please get in touch via [email protected]. Be Brilliant!

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