Last week I asked readers for a challenge to get me out of my comfort zone.  If you missed my message, you can read it here.

I’ve been inundated with suggestions ranging from the simple to the simply outrageous.

Some of my favourites included:

Play the guitar in front of an audience after one lesson! – from Dan at

Wear a Sunderland football shirt at a Newcastle match – from Danny Russell

Dive off a 10-metre board – from Joan who’s a 79-year-old high board diver!

I’ve decided to take on not one but two.  They’re both very different and focus more on mental challenges rather than physical.

Here are my public commitments.

I will:

‘Spend a day without words – no speaking, no emailing/texting/posting/tweeting, no writing, no reading, no watching TV or films’ suggested by Humphrey Couchman.

I love this idea from Humphrey because the more I thought about it the more challenging it sounded.

No TV is easy as I hardly ever watch it, but words are my life.

Can I live with no words for a day? Several others suggested something similar from an hour to a week.  I think a day is about right for a start.

‘Fly in a helicopter.’ This, along with small planes and a hang glider, was suggested by several people. I almost changed my mind with this one, so I’ve booked it – no backing out.

I have been dreading this as I don’t like heights and suffer from motion sickness, so I’ve started to do state changes from fearful to fun-filled.

And to get the ball rolling, I will complete both challenges in the next 30 days – massive action = massive results

You know what’s coming next?

What’s your challenge?  What’s going to get you out of your comfort zone?  Remember, if you Tell 10 you are much more likely make it happen. Leave a comment below.

Be Brilliant!



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