You can’t run a marathon in an hour. But you can walk a mile.

Do that.


It’s December 1st and there’s no doubt, the next few weeks will include all kinds of craziness, stresses and hopefully joyfulness.

And a bit of overwhelm too.

Overwhelm usually occurs when you realise (or believe) you’ve taken too much on.

The To Do List is pages.

The gifts. What to buy…

The cards! Should we just not send this year and do a Facebook post saying ‘we’ve given the money to charity’ instead?

And we still haven’t decided where we’re going on the ‘big day’.


Where to start?

And it’s only December 1st.

Yes, it’s the official start of the festive season. Noddy has screamed, ‘IIIIIt’sss Chriiiiiistmaaaas!’ and John Lewis has made me cry (again).

You have 24 days.

Not to run a marathon, but perhaps to walk one. A mile a day (and a couple of extras on weekends).

Please be kind to yourself while you’re thinking about being kind to others.

Remember, you can’t be better for others unless you’re better for yourself. First.

Find positivity. Look for it. It’s everywhere.

I’d love to know your tips for making the festive season fabulous.

Please leave your comments below.


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If you are a member, pop in and answer ‘the tree question?’ It’s an important piece of national research.

I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Be Brilliant!

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  1. December 1st 2022 by Theresa Jauregui


  2. December 1st 2022 by Suzanne Mitchell

    Christmas songs on and remind myself of the hope and wonder that the Nativity brings to me each year and realise if things are wonky so be it!

  3. December 2nd 2022 by Lesley

    One day at a time from Dec 1st. (5days week…I dedicate an hour to writing. For me it’s before the family stirs. My quiet cosy time. Where I am so in tune with all that is.

  4. December 2nd 2022 by Debra Frances Murphy

    Remember that it is the season to be merry – don’t spend more than you have and don’t cook more than you need.

  5. December 5th 2022 by Jennifer Moses

    Making the festive season happier. Leave the house with an “attitude of gratitude”. When you come across someone who isn’t quite happy with their day, either be nice and be on your way, or show them the patience it takes to “make the season”. There is no point in getting angry too. Leading with compassion. Allows both you and the other person walk into a better day.

  6. December 5th 2022 by Jennifer Moses

    I talk to the people at checkouts and see if I can get a laugh, smile or comment. Wish on them “You have a great day 🙂 “

  7. December 7th 2022 by Frances Mackintosh

    I do most of my Christmas shopping throughout October then wrap it all up the first Sunday in December. Put a Christmas CD or movie on too.

  8. December 9th 2022 by Persephone Ward

    I always donate instead of Xmas cards- usually to a local charity and something tangible as opposed to cash eg: sleeping bags for homeless/ toys to local womens refuge. Easy to order and send direct via Amazon. Xmas lunch- if it’s just me and the hubby……. We order Indian takeaway!!! No prep, no washing up, amazing…. Followed by mince pies of course! 🥳

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