One of the best things about my job is interviewing highly successful people.

And I love to weave in a question or two about how they did it.

After 30+ years no one has claimed ‘It just happened’ or occurred ‘by accident’.

It’s invariably about intention, focused effort and the magic ingredient…

Learning from others.

It’s the secret sauce, the super shortcut, the completive edge and here’s the best bit… many successful people want to share their knowledge…

With YOU!

Books, videos, coaching, podcasts and the best one… LIVE EVENTS.


I love listening to music at home. But it’s way better in the City Hall.

I enjoy watching Newcastle United on TV, but I’d rather be at St James’ Park.

I love live learning. It’s immersive, visceral and holds your attention way more than a YouTube video.

Could I encourage you to attend one live learning event in the next 100 days? I’ve detailed two below.

I’m hosting one with 17 other special speakers in exactly 100 days. And in just 79 days I’m keynoting with 4 other amazing presenters.

Both will change your life.

And if you’re unable to attend either of these ask for an event near you. My How to Be Brilliant Group is a great place to post.

What are your thoughts on LIVE learning? Please share them below.

Be Brilliant!



  1. November 9th 2023 by Judy Brulo

    Learning live. A case in point (but not entirely what you mean, Michael) was trying to teach the violin via Teams during lockdown! We managed, but tuning strings when the pegs don’t work, and teaching kids how to change a broken string took up almost the entire lesson, on occasion.
    Nearer the point, learning live gives you the chance to feel the vibe in the room and interact with others more effectively – body language and eye contact etc.

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