I asked the simplest question on my social channels last weekend:

Whisky: Yum or Yuk? 

I was hoping for a debate, some chat.

A bit of craic.

Instead, the opinion was pretty much black and white.

Other than one person, who said it was a ‘stupid question’ and ‘like asking children if they like vegetables – how would they know unless they’ve tried them all?’

Fair enough.

Some call whisky the water of life.

Here’s my take on why.



Whisky and life share a common trait – gaining character and depth over time. Like whisky ageing in oak barrels, life moulds you, imparting wisdom and experiences that shape you.



Whisky offers a remarkable range of flavours. From smoky to fruity, peaty to sweet.

Life presents a kaleidoscope of experiences, challenges and joys. Each adds its distinct essence. Embracing this diversity adds richness and depth to your world.



Whisky enthusiasts relish uncovering the nuanced flavours. I love some of the descriptions on Master of Malt: ‘A whisper of caramel’, ‘Hints of two-day-old cut grass’, ‘Barley sugar, cumin powder, smoked kipper and marzipan’!

How would you describe your life?


The Art of Blending

Whisky blenders skilfully combine varied products to create a symphony of flavours. In the past, blended whisky meant the cheap stuff. Now some of the world’s best whiskies are blends.

Similarly, life presents you with a tapestry of relationships, interactions and connections. Nurturing these bonds and blending them is the trick. It won’t always work, but who wants the same old mix?


Please share your reflections in the comments below.

Let’s raise a glass and celebrate the subtle connections that grace our lives.

May your journey be one of quiet fulfilment and cherished subtleties.

Slàinte Mhath!


  1. May 25th 2023 by MIKE garrity

    Whisky is like life the enjoyment often comes after you’ve got over the shock of what you want to try is disappointingly bitter but time helps to change your mind and feelings

    1. May 25th 2023 by Michael Heppell

      That’s brilliant 🤩

  2. May 25th 2023 by Simon Lewis

    It’s a fab analogy … most of the time my life is a bit Bells maybe with the odd marachino cherry, but every now and then have moments of pure Bowmore 18.

  3. May 26th 2023 by Ann English

    Wine for me. For the reasons many of the things said about whisky, and more. Cheers Michael

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    Kind Regards,
    Ann English

  4. May 26th 2023 by Shona MacIver

    Having thought I hated whisky all my life I tried a sip of Glenmorangie and quite liked it.

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