It’s easier than ever to say ‘yes’.

Equally, it’s harder than ever to see it through!

Too many distractions.  Too many people who want a bit of your time.

Too many box-sets to get through and too many status updates to read.

A few weeks ago, I asked for challenges to get me out of my comfort zone. I settled on two.

I did the helicopter flight and, to be honest, it was fairly easy.

The ‘fear’, really was False Evidence Appearing Real.

But the other challenge ‘Live a day without words’ has kind of scared me.

Think about having a whole day with: no reading, writing, talking, enjoying songs, listening to people, checking your texts, etc.

Saying I was going to have a day without words was the easy part. The only way to do it was to book it.

And promptly I put it off for a week or two.

I needed some leverage.  So I have done two things:

I’ve scheduled the day and now told people about it.  Over 10,000 people read this newsletter and I can confirm my Day Without Words will take place next Tuesday 7th November.

And I’m supporting a group of people who don’t always get to hear words (especially positive words) or use words in the way you and I take for granted.
Yes, you can sponsor me and help to fund a unique project for the amazing charity Changing Lives.  All the details are here:

This is a charity close to Christine and my hearts, so we want to encourage you to help with a 5:1 challenge where every £1 you donate could be worth £5 (yes £5!) to the charity and the project.

I know you’ll get dozens of requests like this, but having spent some time with these amazing people this week, I wanted to do something more and I thought I could ask you to help.

I’ll let you know how I get on next week.

Be Brilliant!

Michael (no words) Heppell

PS I would love some ideas on what to do during my day without words. If you have any hints or tips on how I can achieve this please leave them in the comments below.


  1. November 3rd 2017 by Ian

    Go for a walk. Just make sure you know where you’re going and don’t need to read a map! And stay safe!

  2. November 3rd 2017 by Marion

    Be busy in the workshop making Christmas gifts – hint hint 😀

  3. November 4th 2017 by Lindsey Holland

    Take time to appreciate how much you’re doing to change people’s lives!
    Reveal in the peace: meditation, yoga, tai chi – whatever you choose find some time for yourself!
    Good luck : )

  4. November 5th 2017 by Kevin

    wear a large set of headphones and dark glasses – no one will bother you!!
    Great challenge – good luck.

  5. November 6th 2017 by Nicolle

    explore the beautiful countryside where you live. Go for a few long walks, with time to stop, have a refreshment, and contemplate living your truth

  6. November 6th 2017 by Yvonne

    Do a job for a neighbour in need. Sweep up their leaves, take down those past-it hanging baskets. Or take a bin bag and pick up some litter? Good luck. Great idea.

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