We’re living in a different world; with changing needs and new expectations. We need to adapt and embrace it.

The idea of holding a conference, where teams sit together, work in groups, enjoy a dodgy lunch and a day out of the office is something that won’t be happening for some time.  If ever again.

But there’s still the need for a shared experience.

A strong human need.

With learning, laughter and inspiration.

And there has never been a better or more important time for motivating and communicating brilliantly with your staff, colleagues and clients.

Michael Heppell  No.1 Zoom Speaker

I was described as one of the top three professional speakers in the world.  But that was on stage. Over recent months I’ve honed my craft, invested in technology and worked with my presentation coach to create the very best online live learning experiences.

We have been presenting exciting Zoom Keynotes:

  • How to Be Brilliant
  • Five Star Service  – One Star Budget
  • Flip It, how to get the best out of everything

And from September 17th you can book:

  • 17 the little way to get a lot done

And we are leading and hosting these interactive workshops:

  • How to be a Super Speaker
  • How to Save An Hour Every Day
  • 90 Day Massive Action Projects

And from Autumn 2020 our flagship customer service and personal development programme

  • Hearts and Minds will be available via online training and resources

If you’d like to work with us, give your staff an amazing experience and make a tangible difference to your organisation, please contact:

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