Thank you for clicking and asking for more. I’m guessing you are either involved with the hospitality sector or you share a keen interest in what’s happening.

Here are five extra actions you can take, IF you are serious about acquiring lifetime customers.

1) Read or re-read my book 5 Star Service. Use the 13 week training plan on page 257. It’s gold dust. You can order 5 Star Service here

2) Don’t be greedy. Your customers may be happy to pay a little more this summer, but wait until they are paying their credit card bill in December and making a decision about where to go next year. Did you make enough deposits in their emotional bank accounts?

3) Work your ass off – but take care of the most important person in the world. This could be the busiest you have ever been. Look after yourself first, then your family, then colleagues, then your customers.

4) Teach yourself and your staff a tool a day. From how to smile to describing the specials with flare, completing a Service Star to upselling with confidence. A tool a day doesn’t have to be something new every day. Go back to basics if needed. But do something.

5) Join an online training session. I’m planning to host several 5 Star Service Online Training sessions in the next couple of months. They will be just £49 for 90 minutes. Stick your whole team in front of the screen.  Get them fired up and ready to wow! To be the first to know the dates and content register your interest here.