You’ve been a Worrier and you’ve been a Warrior.

There’s only a couple of letters difference, but they’re a world apart.

Worrier to Warrior contrasts. Some as simple as a change of tone.

Worriers think – what happened?
Warriors ask – ‘What’s next?

Worriers assume – they’re talking about me.
Warriors assume – they’re talking about me!

Worriers deliberate – what if I do?
Warriors deliberate – what if I don’t?

Worriers think – defend.
Warriors think – attack.

Worriers reflect – what if?
Warriors consider – what if?

Worriers believe – it’s happening to me.
Warriors believe – I’ll make this happen.

Worriers deliberate – why it won’t work.
Warriors consider – how it will.

Worriers – do what’s easiest.
Warriors – do what’s necessary.

Worriers ponder – I’m not ready.
Warriors say – ‘Let’s go!’

Worrier or Warrior?

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