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how to be brilliant

Fed up of doing the same old things day in, day out? Tired of working hard for average results? Have the feeling that you could do more, be more?

flip it: how to get the best out of everything

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5 star service

This is the book that will show you how to ensure customers are raving about your products and services and come back for more.

how to save an hour every day

Would you like an extra hour a day, every day of your life, to do whatever you want with?
If this sounds like an impossible dream, then here’s the good news: that extra hour really can be yours!

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brilliant life

Although that’s not rocket science, it’s so very easy to just get swept along by the flow and then wonder what happened. We all need a bit of help to make sure we’re living our best possible life.

Taking each area of your life by the horns, you’ll quickly start to see what’s working well and where attention is needed. One small action at a time, you’ll move towards your own Brilliant Life.

17 the little way to get a lot done

17 The Bonus Chapters