I was recently presenting a 5 Star Service Zoom webinar to a group of estate agents. At the end, I was asked this question:

What’s the one thing estate agents could do to provide better customer service?

Obviously a brilliant CRM system, great representation, using Omnichannel effectively, etc. comes to mind but my answer was:

Take your shoes off’.

I explained:

Whenever you visit a customer’s house always take your shoes off.  Don’t ask if you should. Don’t wait to be asked. Just do it.’

I questioned how many of them took their shoes off when they visit a home. A sheepish half put their hands up with lots of ‘sometimes’.

It’s an instant deposit in the emotional bank account of a customer (potential or existing).

What’s your top tip for putting an instant deposit in to the emotional bank account of your customers?

What have you done?

Or, what seemingly small thing have you been on the receiving end of that made you say ‘Wow?

There’s a copy of my book 5 Star Service for our favourite. Please post your comment below.

Be Brilliant!


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  1. October 8th 2020 by Mona

    This advice is such a big tick in the box!

    Perhaps its a cultural thing – common practice in Asian households but far less so for WASPs – but its just a respectful thing to do to maintain home hygiene. This request has its vehement opponents but ultimately in my home, my rules apply.

  2. October 8th 2020 by James Pink

    On telecoms appointments, I have always said “your current system may well be all you need just now, lets take a look”.

  3. October 8th 2020 by David Palmer

    As a copper I was occasionally asked to do that . Notwithstanding the officer safety issue and the thought of chasing a crim in my socks, undoing a 12 hole boot twice, and the consequent smell, made me decline. 😃

  4. October 8th 2020 by Annie Watsham

    In the art world I always greet visitors with a big smile, assess whether they want to talk or not (very important!) then, if they do, often talk about anything other than art…they will then ask questions if they want. I will answer them, but it’s SO not the ‘hard sell’. Often works as respect is established…It’s a case of assessing every visitor and situation individually and dealing with it empathetically

  5. October 8th 2020 by Mike Brewer

    Bringing a good packet of biscuits (with chocolate on) to new client meetings so if nothing provided plonk them in the middle of the table with a comment “some bribery and corruption to break the ice”. It always works and sometimes it becomes expected of me in future meetings.

  6. October 8th 2020 by Brad Wright

    From Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” use their name frequently (everyone’s favourite sound) and compliment them sincerely on something that is evidently precious to them: Michael, you have a beautiful house and I really love your display of Sunderland Football Club Memorabilia. It says a lot about a man that he has a passion and a pleasure in addition to being so successful in business”.

  7. October 8th 2020 by Steve Bell

    Pret a Manger is the only fast food restaurant where I’ve been offered cups of tea on the house. They’re always friendly and chatty; it’s a winner, and I go back.

  8. October 12th 2020 by Gayle Hubble

    I was really impressed with my local pub last year when I visited with my family, including my Dad, who was struggling to swallow at the time. One particular waitress was particularly thoughtful to his needs and even let him order food from the children’s menu. I don’t think a lot of places would allow that without bumping up the price! She was really considerate to the time it took him to eat too and didn’t rush us and we hadn’t even explained to her about my Dad having parkinsons and a stridor. I did go back on a separate occasion to thank her and to explain.

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