What Is Time Horizon?

And why is it important?  A time horizon, also known as a planning horizon, is a fixed point of time in the future at which point certain processes will be evaluated or assumed to end. Thanks, Wikipedia*.  *Do you remember when we used to quote the Oxford English dictionary?    Time Horizon  It’s really just a fancy […][...]

What Happened To 5 Star Service?

What Happened To 5 Star Service? Regular readers know I love brilliant customer service.   I wrote a book on it.  I’ve trained over 100,000 people on how to deliver it.  I’ve consulted with some of the best organisations in the world on how to create it.  And you know how much I avoid negativity.  But…  […][...]

Pick a card

As soon as you hear those words you know what’s coming. Whether it’s a youngster performing a simple trick through to the restaurant table professional who is about to blow your mind between courses, the set-up is the same. It’s reassuring, but what makes ‘Pick a card work’ is the opportunity to create a surprise. […][...]

The key to brand loyalty

When it comes to creating brand loyalty, I believe TRUST is top. In the simplest (real life) terms: I don’t trust Hermes* to return my product to Amazon, but I do trust Amazon to refund me anyway. Therefore, I comfortably buy from Amazon, but I wouldn’t choose to send anything via Hermes. Trust is key […][...]

You have bad breath

If you had halitosis, would you want to know? Easy answer. But would you want to be told? You may think yes. The truth is a little more complex. I had to inform a regular driver he had chronic halitosis. It had reached the point where our hearts would drop when we got in his […][...]

Just One Touch

Mrs H & I enjoyed a few days away to celebrate the completion of our most successful Write That Book Masterclass (more on that later). We spent our weekend in Cartmel, in the south Lake District and started with lunch at L’Enclume. This isn’t a foodie blog – it’s a people blog. Although L’Enclume totally deserve their […][...]

Missed It

It’s one of those weekly things I habitually do. I write it on Tuesday or Wednesday, to make sure it arrives every Thursday. This newsletter. Yesterday, it didn’t arrive. And for a very good reason. I hadn’t written it. I could have blamed writer’s block (which doesn’t really exist). Or technology – claiming it was sent, you just didn’t […][...]

Death by 1000 cuts

Lingchi (Chinese for lingering death) was a horrendous torture method used for hundreds of years before being banned in the early twentieth century (I know, that recent). It’s horrendous and I’ll leave the detail to your imagination. We often think something ‘suddenly’ happens, but could the truth be that we killed it with 1,000 cuts? The family business transitioning to the next generation.  The new owners are happy to take some […][...]

A Question

I read a post by Andy Bounds on LinkedIn about how to ‘Engage Via Email Subject Headings’. Then looked back at the emails I’ve recently sent. I’ve ranged between pants and fantastic. Here are my last 17 email subject headings Thank you and a wee refund Another little thing Introduction RE: 17 Exercise Programme Ella x […][...]

Are you having crazy dreams too?

Every morning, I wake up relieved. Relieved they were just dreams. Not that they were nightmares. Just weird. Very weird. My mind is whirring at the moment. I did a little research and found that if you write down all the stuff that’s been going on, your dreams will be less whacky. Something to do with the brain needing to put less energy into […][...]

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