Words Change Worlds

I was asked during an interview, ‘What’s the one thing that changed your life?’   It’s one of those questions that could have multiple answers.   My mind whirred.   Meeting my wife? Being given the opportunity to do the job I love? Having kids?   They’re all in the mix.     But the answer I gave was deciding […][...]

124 didn’t, but over 5000 did.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of training at, and hosting, the Not Just Travel conference.     The room was buzzing! A combination of coming out of the pandemic (which had decimated much of their business) and the boom in new bookings created a heady atmosphere.     But, there was an elephant […][...]

What is the best?

What is the best?    Best before is a guide rather than instruction – agree?    I can remember my best gig, but I don’t know if the band thought it was theirs.     The best book I’ve ever read… changes.    Best x in y is a big claim.  That doesn’t stop many businesses […][...]

70 Years in the Same Job

70 Years… in the same job!    My friend Cheryl Black suggests every seven years you should change either your partner, your house or your job.    Eeek!   I appreciate that not everyone is a fan of HRH Queen Elizabeth II. But wow, you’ve got to agree she’s stuck with the job!     That’s […][...]

I’d Rather

I’d rather watch boxing than fight.     I’d rather be the driver than the passenger.    I’d rather be the diner than the chef.    I’d rather be the speaker than the listener.    I’d rather be the leader than the follower.    I’d rather be on stage than in the audience.    I’d rather […][...]

What Is Time Horizon?

And why is it important?  A time horizon, also known as a planning horizon, is a fixed point of time in the future at which point certain processes will be evaluated or assumed to end. Thanks, Wikipedia*.  *Do you remember when we used to quote the Oxford English dictionary?    Time Horizon  It’s really just a fancy […][...]

Don’t Give Easter Eggs

I’ve done it, you’ve done it, we’ve all done it.   That moment when you suddenly panic and realise that you need an Easter gift.   And an oversized, overpriced Malteser dome looks like the solution.  But….   Don’t buy chocolate eggs!    They’re overpriced and underwhelming.     I’ve had a much better idea.   […][...]

What Happened To 5 Star Service?

What Happened To 5 Star Service? Regular readers know I love brilliant customer service.   I wrote a book on it.  I’ve trained over 100,000 people on how to deliver it.  I’ve consulted with some of the best organisations in the world on how to create it.  And you know how much I avoid negativity.  But…  […][...]

If No One Gives You A Medal

‘If no one gives you a medal… design your own.’  Billy Connolly I’m currently reading the Big Yin’s autobiography, ‘Windswept and Interesting‘ and when he started a chapter with those words, I immediately thought this was sage advice. You can spend much time waiting for the recognition, permission and credit you deserve, only to be […][...]

I’m In Love

I’m one of those people who loves buying books. I also love reading books. And .guess what? I love writing books! Obviously, I read more than I can write. But why do I buy more than I can read? Much of it is the feeling of a buying a new book. And physical books are […][...]

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