You have bad breath

If you had halitosis, would you want to know? Easy answer. But would you want to be told? You may think yes. The truth is a little more complex. I had to inform a regular driver he had chronic halitosis. It had reached the point where our hearts would drop when we got in his […][...]

How to wipe out negativity

The best way to wipe out negativity is to starve it. Negativity can’t survive without fuel. But removing it? That’s hard. Because like a fire needs oxygen, negativity needs unhelpful thoughts. And the fuel for these thoughts is everywhere. There is a better way… To fight a fire, a CO2 extinguisher replaces the oxygen with […][...]

Merry Christmas

This is my last message of this year. It’s simply to wish you a Merry Christmas and a peaceful time with family and friends over the coming days. If you must work – I salute you If you’re on your own – in spirit, I’m with you If you’re worried – it’s going to be alright If still haven’t found what to buy your wife for Christmas – I feel you😉 If could […][...]

Why Windmills Work

Wednesday is Ella Day. Which is when Christine and I get to be grandparents to a beautiful, clever, full-of-fun 20-month-old. It’s exhausting and completely delightful. Yesterday, Christine thought we should make windmills. Pens, paper, crayons, glue, straws etc. filled the table and we created world class paper windmills. Last night, I was hosting one of my regular TEAM17 group coaching sessions and ended up showing off my windmill creation (it was brilliant!). Something struck me.  The blessing, ‘May the wind be at your […][...]

Embracing Bored

Last Friday, my brilliant wife gave me a very clear instruction: ‘You need a weekend doing nothing.’ Doing nothing is alien to me; I’m always on the go.  But Christine is very good at making sure Michael doesn’t have a meltdown.  So, I listened. After an hour of me doing very little, she asked how I was doing. I claimed to feel… a little bored. What she said next was brilliant, ‘Embrace […][...]

Why You Can

‘Can’t is a lazy fella.’ That’s what my Grandma would say when I was whining. She was right. Grandmas frequently are. The challenge with a phrase like that is that it’s easy to say, but not so easy to turn around. It takes a second to say ‘can’t’ and that’s it, you’re done. It also takes a second to say ‘can’ but then you’re committed to the energy […][...]

Nigel Pinner’s Enormous Ears

Yesterday was title day in my Write That Book Pop Up and Challenge. I’ve no idea who Nigel Pinner is but I’d definitely pick that book up to find out. Along with: Happy Silver People The Introvert That Could A Tractor in The Beer Garden A great title can make the difference between a good book that becomes […][...]

No Facebook image

No Facebook

‘Did they switch it off and on again?’ ‘I survived the great Facebook outage of 2021’ And my favourite… ‘Were you affected by having no Instagram for six hours? You could be due compensation’ Yes Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and humankind went down for six hours on Monday night. Some people are still trying to recover. […][...]

Just One Touch

Mrs H & I enjoyed a few days away to celebrate the completion of our most successful Write That Book Masterclass (more on that later). We spent our weekend in Cartmel, in the south Lake District and started with lunch at L’Enclume. This isn’t a foodie blog – it’s a people blog. Although L’Enclume totally deserve their […][...]

One Of Us

I met Carl Holmes on Monday. He’s ‘one of us’. A person who’s like-minded. Easy to get on with. Enjoyable to be around. One of us. I’d asked him if he would be interested in doing some development work for me using a platform called Knack. We’d booked a discovery call to talk about the project. […][...]

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