Worrier or Warrior

You’ve been a Worrier and you’ve been a Warrior. There’s only a couple of letters difference, but they’re a world apart. Worrier to Warrior contrasts. Some as simple as a change of tone. Worriers think – what happened? Warriors ask – ‘What’s next? Worriers assume – they’re talking about me. Warriors assume – they’re talking about me! Worriers deliberate […][...]

We saw 100 piglets

‘How was your day?’ That was the question we used to ask our kids. It was a useless request; as it prompted ‘fine’ as a response. End of conversation. We changed it to: ‘What was the best thing about today?’ ‘What could have been better?’ ‘What made you smile?’ Etcetera. Last night I called our daughter. She’s […][...]

My First New Book For 8 Years

I’m excited to introduce you to my first new book for 8 years: 17 – The little way to get a lot done It’s a limited edition book written off the back of a pop-up group. The 17 Group has been running since 1st July and ends tomorrow. What started simply as a way to kick start the second half of 2020, has developed into something quite amazing. And I have […][...]

The Biggest Hump

If a Wednesday is hump day…  And the 15th is the half-month hump (closer to the next payday than the last one)… Then this must be hump-year-day. From today, you’re closer to 2021 than you are to 2019. So, how’s your 2020 turning out? Eeek! Who could have predicted it. So how about a little bit of certainty in your life? Yes, Michael!  The best […][...]

Stop The Routine

A few weeks ago, when we went into lockdown, most of the advice was to ‘create a routine’. Six weeks on and isn’t it just starting to be boring? I’ve got some new advice. Stop The Routine! Mix it up. Break it up. If you’ve been going fast, go slow. If you’ve been chilling out, do something serious. If you’ve […][...]

Hope IS A Strategy

I used to argue that ‘hope was not a strategy’; this was a classic piece of most business training, encouraging participants to be strategic. But in these days, HOPE is a strategy. In fact, without hope and faith, it’s easy to become very low. I’ve spent the last 10 days mainly on Zoom and Teams, coaching; helping people and organisations (of […][...]

People are amazing

I’m forever amazed by how extraordinary people are. And right now, 90% of the world seem to be proving my theory. Almost all of our speaking events have been postponed.  Not cancelled, postponed. The majority are looking for new dates and can’t wait for us train their staff, speak at their events and create exciting programmes. […][...]

Same Old Path?

Arne Naess lived in a solitary cabin directly under the Hallingskarvet mountain range at Tvergastein. He vowed to take an alternative route each time he walked to his cabin -and did this for many years.  This was also something all visitors had to do. Arne was determined that no one single path should lead up to […][...]

20 ways to make 2020 your best year ever – LIVE

But not just yet… I like writing. But love presenting. In the past I’ve created lots of ‘ways to’ newsletters. This year I’m doing something a little different. Rather than write, I’m going to present my 20 ways… in a live webinar. It will last for 59 minutes, take place at 6pm on Thursday January […][...]

David Bellamy

I had the privilege of meeting David Bellamy three times, mainly through being a member of the Boys’ Brigade and via my amazing art teacher, Sheila Mackie. Obviously, David Bellamy’s enthusiasm was completely contagious and after watching his TV programmes, like many young people, I became fascinated by creepy crawlies and plants – and undoubtedly he was my first […][...]

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