The deception of decision

You’ve probably heard of situation, perception, decision. This is where, when you find yourself in a situation (often a sticky one), you use this three-step process. First, know where you are. That’s to focus on the actual situation. Then what it means to you. In other words, your perception of the situation. With that information, […][...]

Overwhelmed person with stickers on face and the phrase The tell-tale signs you’ve taken on too much

The tell-tale signs you’ve taken on too much

Recognise any of these? A meeting is cancelled and you’re relieved. You freeze and you’re not sure what to do next. Previously simple tasks feel complex. The quality of your work decreases. You don’t have time for your health. You keep forgetting things. You’re ALWAYS tired. You’re prone to headaches, muscle tension, picking up every […][...]

Not a flat white

To give my brain a break and my creativity, some input, I decided to take a walk in a park. Not my local park – a new one.  Heaton Park. It’s one of those hidden spots which gives a beautiful lift to the East Newcastle community. I like supporting local businesses, so I ignored the […][...]

Positively Influencing 1,000,000 Lives

In 1999 I created a company vision. For two reasons:   1) Everyone was banging on about company visions. 2) I had nothing to lose. My business was stumbling and I was thinking about throwing in the towel. So, I created a vision to Positively Influence 1,000,000 Lives. And everything changed.  I rediscovered why I was […][...]

Is there anything worse?

On Monday I made my regular live broadcast about the pros and cons of waiting. I’ll write about it in a few weeks. In the middle of my broadcast Mrs H called my mobile. She knows I’ve been doing theses lives, at 12 noon, every week, for the past 4 years, so there must have […][...]

February 29th and I had to

It would be remiss of me to not write about a Leap Year when the 29th lands on one of my regular newsletter days. The next time a Leap Day is on a Thursday will be in 2052. I’ll be 85 and unsure if I’ll still be sending you a weekly message. Here are a […][...]

Why you’re definitely above average

Answer these: Are you more or less honest than the average person? Do you have a better or worse sense of humour? Are you kinder than the average person? Are you a better or worse driver than the average person? Do you care about your family and friends more or less than the average person? […][...]

Steve Wright and Me

Like many in the UK, I grew up listening to the legendary Steve Wright in the Afternoon. As a roofer, in the mid-eighties, there was NO OTHER SHOW to listen to while making North East homes watertight. So the leap from scrambling around the rafters with a sack of nails between my legs to being […][...]

If you think education is expensive, try…

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” That’s a great quote. Attributed to Ann Landers (Eppie Lederer), Derek Bok and a bunch of other chancers who wish they’d said it. Everyone claims they’re ‘always learning’. And to a point, yes. But the truth is most have lowered their learning to a leisurely stroll. Why? […][...]

Social Shocker

The best business minds… are not on LinkedIn. The best video makers… are not on TikTok. The best socialisers… are not on Facebook. And brace yourself. The best photographers are not on Snapchat. And no one is on Threads 😂   Time to stop beating yourself up if your Instagram following isn’t flourishing or your […][...]

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