Happy Birthday to ……

20 years ago, October 1st 1998, I started a new job. Founder of Michael Heppell Ltd. I was stoked. Totally clueless … but stoked. My own business, first day of trading and loads of people said they would book me. But, as many entrepreneurs know, someone saying they will buy your services and someone actually buying […][...]

Finding Empathy

‘Person hit by train’ are 4 words I dread to see on my Twitter feed. It’s how the rail providers describe, on social media, the horrific consequence of a person taking their life. But on Tuesday evening Virgin East Coast tweeted. It is with great sadness I advise a person has been struck by a […][...]

You’re Only Committed When You Commit

It’s easier than ever to say ‘yes’. Equally, it’s harder than ever to see it through! Too many distractions.  Too many people who want a bit of your time. Too many box-sets to get through and too many status updates to read. A few weeks ago, I asked for challenges to get me out of […][...]

Why I’m Terrified

The expression, ‘Get out of your comfort zone’ is bandied about all too frequently. The truth is we don’t do it.  And the number one reason? It’s too uncomfortable. And when people like me tell you, ‘All the big growth takes place outside of your comfort zone’ you don’t really want to hear that. Actually, […][...]

17 Places to Eat, Drink and Stay in 2017

I’m not a food expert and this is not based on any survey, vote or poll. Just 17 of me and my loved one’s favourites and a few words why. 1) Eat at The Rat Inn, Anick, Northumberland. It’s my local and it’s also one of the top 50 gastro pubs in the UK. How lucky […][...]

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