3 Great Customer Service Stories

I thought it was time to share some inspirational service stories. As usual, your job is to keep thinking, ‘How can I use this?’   Shopping Nightmare Imagine the dread of buying £70 worth of shopping and then realising you have no method of payment. This is what happened to one of our clients, Nikki, […][...]

Do you speak my language?

I needed to change an online booking but the only way to do it was to call the contact centre. I visited the store but was asked to email my comments to the service department. I called the help line and was instructed to put my request in writing. I responded to the tweet and […][...]

66% of people ….

I enjoy a good statistic And I love a good quiz.  Let’s combine them both. 66% of people: A. Have never seen snow B. When they leave work, don’t know what they are going to have for tea C. Suffer from Nomophobia – the fear of being without your mobile phone Which one will you […][...]

Why Our Retailers Must Step Up

I’ve presented at several retailer conferences this year. The atmosphere has been buoyant at some and desperate at others. Sometimes, when I’m giving a keynote, I use fear as a motivator to give the audience a whack on the side of the head. For retailers, I used to name the shops which no longer exist […][...]

What the heck has happened to customer service?

When John Lewis and Apple are screwing up, you know there’s something wrong. Apple have lost all of Mrs Hep’s calendar data (that’s why you didn’t receive a birthday card) and after 4 weeks, they can ‘see it’ but appear to be no closer to restoring it. John Lewis screwed up an order 3 times […][...]

The Enemy of Loyalty

‘Your desserts!’ The waiter placed our perfectly presented puddings in front of us with a flourish.  They looked amazing! So why did we refuse them and send them straight back untouched? We were already customers.  We were having a lovely dinner. The starters had been great. It’s just he’d missed one important thing… The main courses. However, […][...]

Thanks for the Business

Our local garden centre is like many independents. They charge a bit more, don’t always have the stock and it’s a bit scruffy and chaotic. But they are always happy to see you and thank you for choosing them over the national chain warehouse around the corner. That’s almost true. Well the first part of […][...]

What’s in a smile

From just a few weeks after birth, we demonstrate that we feel happy by smiling.  All through our lives and until our dying day we use the same process. People are even heard to comment that they’d like to die with a smile on their face. So take a look around.  If smiling is so […][...]

Why We Offer a 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee

‘That’s ballsy’, said my potential client. ‘I know’, I responded, ‘but it does two things…’ A response I received recently when I informed a new customer that we give a ‘100% total satisfaction guarantee’. It’s not a gimmick – it’s a brand promise. And one we’re proud of. I just wish more companies would do […][...]

The World’s Rudest Restaurant

If you should happen to wander into Dick’s Last Resort be prepared for a less than conventional dining experience. Chances are; as you walk through the door, Dick’s staff will ignore you, probably insult your dress sense, criticise your menu choices and slap food on the table. You can also expect to be fully humiliated […][...]

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