Words Change Worlds

I was asked during an interview, ‘What’s the one thing that changed your life?’   It’s one of those questions that could have multiple answers.   My mind whirred.   Meeting my wife? Being given the opportunity to do the job I love? Having kids?   They’re all in the mix.     But the answer I gave was deciding […][...]

124 didn’t, but over 5000 did.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of training at, and hosting, the Not Just Travel conference.     The room was buzzing! A combination of coming out of the pandemic (which had decimated much of their business) and the boom in new bookings created a heady atmosphere.     But, there was an elephant […][...]

What is the best?

What is the best?    Best before is a guide rather than instruction – agree?    I can remember my best gig, but I don’t know if the band thought it was theirs.     The best book I’ve ever read… changes.    Best x in y is a big claim.  That doesn’t stop many businesses […][...]

Expect Your Fun To Be Taken Seriously

I saw this on a poster last week and initially thought it was a little crass.     But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that the best fun is often planned. And yes – taken seriously.     Of course, there are exceptions. Those times when a boring day just evolves into […][...]

I’d Rather

I’d rather watch boxing than fight.     I’d rather be the driver than the passenger.    I’d rather be the diner than the chef.    I’d rather be the speaker than the listener.    I’d rather be the leader than the follower.    I’d rather be on stage than in the audience.    I’d rather […][...]

Do You Lick Plates?

I’ll admit it.   My wife creates the most delicious, incredible food.   It’s so good I’ll often finish my meal and lick the plate.   Is it greed?     Or getting best value?       My dad used to collect pencils from hotel meeting rooms. He’d wait until everyone had left the meeting he’d […][...]

Windswept And Interesting

    I’ve been listening to Billy Connelly’s autobiography.   As well as sharing his fascinating and funny life, he also explains what it means to be ‘Windswept and Interesting’.    One of the keys to being windswept and interesting is if you try to be windswept and interesting you will invariably fail.    You […][...]

Don’t Give Easter Eggs

I’ve done it, you’ve done it, we’ve all done it.   That moment when you suddenly panic and realise that you need an Easter gift.   And an oversized, overpriced Malteser dome looks like the solution.  But….   Don’t buy chocolate eggs!    They’re overpriced and underwhelming.     I’ve had a much better idea.   […][...]

I wish

I wish. Two words that have a massive impact on how we feel. Said in hindsight, they’re normally linked with loss. A look back at what you could have had or done… I wish I’d bought Bitcoin in 2014 I wish I’d spent more time with my family. I wish I’d taken that chance. Said […][...]

What does the Ukraine crisis mean to me?

Waking up to today’s news that ‘they’ve gone in’ filled many with dread. A quick Google search will explain what’s going on in Ukraine. But that search won’t help you with what’s going on in your head. What goes on in your mind is down to you. ‘The price of gas will go up… again’. […][...]

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