Previously on 24

One of my favourite early 2000s TV shows was 24.   I often joked, if I were to bump into Kiefer Sutherland, the first thing I would do is check my watch. I’d want to make sure it wasn’t coming up to the hour as something terrible always happened near him!    I watched every episode and […][...]

How to lose well

No one wants to lose, but if you are going to, it’s worth losing well. Christine and I were lucky to be part of the legendary Toon Army who made the trip to London for the Carabao Cup Final last weekend. Commentators said we didn’t win the game but we won Wembley. But lose we […][...]

When you find your passion

Our group was taken along a secret track, through a security door, deep beneath the awe-inspiring fountains on a visit to the pump room. I was embarking on a behind-the-scenes tour of The Alnwick Garden. Our guide, Dean, was brilliant. He held the attention of every member of our group which ranged from under 3 […][...]

What you learn from the Brit Awards

Did you see the Brit Awards last weekend? Here are my takeaways. Red Carpet  The red carpet is a chance to show off. Pop star marketing at its best. Look at what Sam Smith wore and the multiple memes that followed. No matter what you think, Sam Smith won the red carpet. What’s your red-carpet […][...]

Knowledge and Wisdom

Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from using that knowledge. Agree, disagree, just want to say hello? Please leave a comment below. Be Brilliant! PS Success comes from working the wisdom.[...]

Do It Yourself

Last weekend I had a DIY day. Not in our house – in my daughter’s flat. What started as, ‘Dad, could you help me out with a couple of things?’ Ended up being 10 hours of tasks.   The big one, and first job of the day, was… Resizing and hanging a bathroom door. My […][...]

Decision-making made easy

Decision-making is an essential part of your life. It’s something you do all day, every day. Some reports say up to 35,000 a day! Whether it’s a small decision, like what to wear or a big decision like buying a house, making choices is a fundamental part of your existence. Making effective decisions is the […][...]

Fraught with friction

Brilliant Customer Service requires more than a fake smile and ‘Have a nice day’. It demands introspection, innovation and, more than ever, ease. Think smooth.   Friction is the now the leading bugbear for customers. You can be rude, drop the ball, mess up pricing and still be forgiven. If your interaction is fraught with […][...]

Curate Your Life

I saw a Facebook poll with the question. Do you believe: a) Life happens to you? b) You create your life? I voted b with a caveat. Can I change create to curate? Create gives the impression that you’re in control of everything. Curate means choosing the best of what you have. As you’re clearly […][...]

How many ways can you love someone?

My wife is brilliant. Last week, completely out of the blue, she asked, ‘How many ways can you love someone?’ It’s one of those magical questions where you begin to respond before realising it deserves a little more thought. Actions? Words? Thoughtfulness? That look? Forgiveness? Touch? The list could, and should, go on. Our conversation […][...]

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