Are You Being Hefted?

Hefting is an ancient farming technique used to keep sheep in a specific area… without the need for barriers or fences. It involves shepherds guiding their sheep to stay within familiar territories by using a carrot and stick approach. A little bit of feed left at night… an electric fence switched on… but just for a […][...]

If you do what’s easy

If you do what’s easy, your life will be hard If you do what’s hard, your life will be easy Wise words? Load of bollocks? Bit of both? Let’s explore this age-old adage. The case for: Have you noticed how the things that require the most effort often give the greatest rewards?   Health You […][...]

Where Would You Like to Be?

My wife, Christine, loves to read the credits.  We’re the last ones out of the cinema and bedtime can’t happen until we’ve seen every name scroll by. From Best Boy to Steady Cam Operator 2, she needs to know who did what. And we marvel at the sheer number of people involved in making a show. […][...]

Can I Give You Some Feedback?

Ah, feedback. The word itself makes you tense, doesn’t it? We all crave the positive kind, the pats on the back that make you feel like a rockstar. So why do you wince when someone offers you feedback? Here’s the thing: no one enjoys criticism. ‘Can I give you some feedback?’ is hardly ever followed by, ‘You’re absolutely […][...]

Oddorable – the thin line between freaky and quirky

There’s a guy from Croydon who dresses as a wizard and has embedded the chip from his oyster card into a wand. Imagine him, fully robed, passing through the barriers at London Bridge and with a swish of his wand the gates obediently open. I’d describe him as oddorable. A bit odd… but also adorable. […][...]

Remember when…

Remember when you first started texting? The novelty of writing real sentences on your phone was extraordinary. Better than having to actually talk to someone! Then those words were abbreviated. Cue early adopters and old fart confusion. I remember receiving texts from my daughter that were more complex than The Times cryptic crossword! It felt […][...]

Bank Holidays… Again

Yep, it’s that time again. Two this month for most of the UK and at least one for most of the world. May is a magic month for a long weekend or a national holiday. And other than a few exceptions the majority of countries take a day to celebrate ‘Workers’. Like any special day, […][...]

Loving Learning

What a week. Three major keynotes in 6 days to over 1,750 people.  A Leadership Conference in a theatre. A Business Conference in an arena. A Managers Conference in a hotel. Although the situations, venues and themes were quite different. All three screamed something to me. Everyone had chosen to be there. The leadership conference […][...]

The 4 Sets

I believe there are four sets which are essential to personal success: Mindset Toolset Skillset Peopleset Mindset is the foundation – I would say that I’m a motivational speaker. But it is. I know plenty of people who have incredible opportunities and maybe even the other sets but without the right mindset it’s difficult to […][...]

Are you superstitious?

Have you ever paused to ponder the significance you attach to situations, items, or even superstitions in your life? I find it fascinating how we fill them with meaning. Sometimes, that can lead you down a rabbit hole of misunderstanding and misinterpretation. Take superstitions; those curious beliefs ingrained in cultures worldwide. They’re fascinating and full […][...]

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