The Big Think

‘What were you thinking?’ ‘Ermm, nothing’ Ever had that conversation? Have you found yourself saying: ‘Eeeh, I haven’t got time to think’. OK, maybe without the ‘Eeeh’. Thinking time is now seen as a luxury. Something for later – for ‘When I get a minute.’ Deep thinking time is put off for years; stored up for that once-in-a-lifetime visit to the Peruvian foothills. But only after […][...]

The Impossible Jigsaw

We were running short on lockdown jigsaws. So Mrs Hepp decided to dig deep and rekindle one we started years ago. The outside border was complete and safely stored in the ‘jig roll‘, the remaining pieces in a bag. So why impossible? No box lid. And as much as we wracked our brains, we could not […][...]

Thought transference now proven

If I were to say to you that thought transference is now proven and that you can actually pick up on what somebody thinks, or someone could pick up on what you are thinking, what would you say? What if I were to suggest to you that thought transference through time is also available… Where a thought that somebody had 10 years ago could appear clearly in […][...]

There is no normal

I must have seen 50 posts in the last few days saying that we won’t ‘go back to normal’. They’re usually followed by comments such as, ‘Thank goodness, the old way was awful’ but… Eventually, any new normal would be the normal.  Now that’s something to think about! If you agree that you create your own normal, could you create a new normal? Now? 5 New Normals:  Whatever time […][...]

1,000 way conversation

We talk about the importance of two-way conversations, but actually there’s so much more. To be truly connected we have to have multiple conversations, with multiple people, in multiple ways. I do enjoy writing these newsletters and sharing my thoughts, but for a some time now I’ve been frustrated. It feels to me like I’m broadcasting (one-way) rather than having a real conversation. So this week I’ve launched the How to Be Brilliant private Facebook […][...]

Is this the best letter to Santa

My wonderful Godson Jack is bang in the middle of a most magical age.  Young enough to really believe, old enough to know what he wants. His mum and dad shared his letter to Santa, or as Jack calls him (as it’s a formal letter) St Nicholas.  I think it’s brilliant. Here you go:   To St Nicholas Please may […][...]

The problem with good ideas

Once upon a time I really wanted to be on the telly. I even had an agent and made a couple of pilots. It didn’t happen (I’m delighted). One day I met the head of a major TV production company and arrived prepared with an array of amazing TV show ideas. After 15 minutes of […][...]

My Billion Dollar Dream

I always sleep with a notepad and pen close to hand. I’ve remembered important information, have come up with creative ideas and documented some pretty whacky dreams. Last weekend, Christine looked at my pad and asked what I’d been writing. I had no idea. Could it have been a billion-dollar idea I’d had during my sleep? After […][...]

3/4 of English children spend less time…

What? Last week, when I read Erling Kagge’s beautiful book ‘Walking – one step at a time’, I was shocked and (strangely) not surprised to discover the answer. 3/4 of English children spend less time outdoors than prison inmates in the same country. Wow! While we’re complaining about the condition of convicts, we’re subjecting our children to […][...]

Pavlov’s iPhone

I did it. I actually did it. This summer I achieved a… drum roll… digital detox! And it was like coming off crack. In August, we shared a week of our summer break with friends. We had a great time; mainly lying on beaches, eating amazing food and drinking G&T. One night, the conversation turned […][...]

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