Is Comparison the Thief of Joy?

Of course, it’s true… By comparing yourself with others there will always be those who Appear happier Are taller Move faster Look thinner Are better looking Seem younger Have more time Are more successful You can feel the joy being sapped just reading this list! But is it true? Is comparison really the thief of joy? Last weekend, a couple of brilliant members of TEAM17 hosted a ‘How to Winter Well’ virtual retreat. In […][...]

Embracing Bored

Last Friday, my brilliant wife gave me a very clear instruction: ‘You need a weekend doing nothing.’ Doing nothing is alien to me; I’m always on the go.  But Christine is very good at making sure Michael doesn’t have a meltdown.  So, I listened. After an hour of me doing very little, she asked how I was doing. I claimed to feel… a little bored. What she said next was brilliant, ‘Embrace […][...]

If Einstein Had Google

When you think genius, it’s difficult for Albert Einstein not to spring to mind. The more you read about him, the more you discover what a fascinating character he was. More failures than successes. Less recognition for the things he thought were most important and more recognition for the ones that were popularised. Some brilliant […][...]

What’s brilliant about VHS

Last night we watched some of our old VHS tapes. It was Christine’s idea. And it was wonderful! A few years ago, I attempted to persuade Mrs H to chuck out the old cassettes. After last night, I’m glad we didn’t. We watched ‘The Snowman’ (the David Bowie version). Then we watched a 1997 Disney […][...]

Idea translator required

SEO doesn’t have a wife  The eagle made it  Tribe meal, tribe test, tribe grain  They are just three of the notes I found in my bedside notepad. I always sleep with a jotter that’s within grabbing distance… just in case. I have had some inspired ideas in the middle of the night and I […][...]

17 Ways to Make Decisions

Some make products. Some make sales. Brilliant people make decisions. As if choosing wasn’t hard enough. Acting on choices is harder. I’ve studied highly successful people for 30 years. Being a decision-maker leaps out as one of the key characteristics of brilliant people. Here are 17 ways to make better decisions: 1) Gather data. Boring, but essential. 2) Don’t fear the consequence. Terrifying, but true. 3) Tune into […][...]

It’s Too Hot. Really?

Really? Readers in the UK can’t fail to have noticed that we’ve experienced a mini heatwave. ‘It’s tooooo hot!’ Britains cry. But is it? How can it be? Hot, cold, wet, windy; it just is. Accepting is hard. Especially accepting what’s outside of your control, ie. the weather. But if you can… it’s liberating. My favourite comment from the week is this cracker: ‘It’s too hot. […][...]

Standing out with a frying pan

It was during the welcome reception. You know the one. A complimentary glass of fizz when everybody is supposed to be mixing, but it’s just an excuse for the resort to do some pitching. The diving guys had all their kit set up, the excursion table had brochures and the managers nodded and asked, ‘So where are you from?’ It was a Mark Warner resort (lots of tennis courts); the young professional was […][...]

There’s No New Normal

First there was the normal. Whatever that was. Then the ‘new normal’. That was a hoot. That changed when the new normal was proclaimed to be the normal. What’s next? The old, new normal becomes the new, newer normal? The only certainty about normal, is normal is one of those words that if you keep […][...]

Yoga isn’t culture

I’ve worked with many organisations who excitedly talk about the importance of ‘their culture’. Some do it brilliantly, others get it so wrong. Offering yoga lessons, a ping pong table or dress-down Friday isn’t a culture. They’re perks. Culture comes from a behaviours that represent the ‘Why‘ of the business. Like the now-legendary door desks at Amazon. Don’t waste money on fancy desks; pass the saving to […][...]

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