What Authors Need To Know About 2021

Next year, 1.6 million books will be published. I’m sure (hope) you’ll buy some. There’s never been a greater time of change than now for authors and publishers. Digital is taking over from print. What took months can take weeks. Publishers aren’t looking for famous people to be authors. Book launches are no longer in hotels – they’re […][...]

What will you be remembered for?

My latest book ‘17’ is dedicated to our granddaughter. She hasn’t read it. She’s only a few months old and would rather bite it. I’ll be honest with you; I did have the thought, that one day, she might show her grandchildren the book and tell them their great great grandfather wrote in 2020. That feels […][...]

Worrier or Warrior

You’ve been a Worrier and you’ve been a Warrior. There’s only a couple of letters difference, but they’re a world apart. Worrier to Warrior contrasts. Some as simple as a change of tone. Worriers think – what happened? Warriors ask – ‘What’s next? Worriers assume – they’re talking about me. Warriors assume – they’re talking about me! Worriers deliberate […][...]

Why you don’t want feedback

You say you love feedback. The truth is, we love the feedback that we want to hear. I’ve just completed a new online training programme called Write That Book Masterclass. At the end, I asked the 70 plus new authors for their feedback on the course and to complete a survey. The vast majority of the scores and comments have been wonderful. I’m thrilled for the participants and my ego says thank you, […][...]

We saw 100 piglets

‘How was your day?’ That was the question we used to ask our kids. It was a useless request; as it prompted ‘fine’ as a response. End of conversation. We changed it to: ‘What was the best thing about today?’ ‘What could have been better?’ ‘What made you smile?’ Etcetera. Last night I called our daughter. She’s […][...]

The Big Think

‘What were you thinking?’ ‘Ermm, nothing’ Ever had that conversation? Have you found yourself saying: ‘Eeeh, I haven’t got time to think’. OK, maybe without the ‘Eeeh’. Thinking time is now seen as a luxury. Something for later – for ‘When I get a minute.’ Deep thinking time is put off for years; stored up for that once-in-a-lifetime visit to the Peruvian foothills. But only after […][...]

The Impossible Jigsaw

We were running short on lockdown jigsaws. So Mrs Hepp decided to dig deep and rekindle one we started years ago. The outside border was complete and safely stored in the ‘jig roll‘, the remaining pieces in a bag. So why impossible? No box lid. And as much as we wracked our brains, we could not […][...]

Thought transference now proven

If I were to say to you that thought transference is now proven and that you can actually pick up on what somebody thinks, or someone could pick up on what you are thinking, what would you say? What if I were to suggest to you that thought transference through time is also available… Where a thought that somebody had 10 years ago could appear clearly in […][...]

There is no normal

I must have seen 50 posts in the last few days saying that we won’t ‘go back to normal’. They’re usually followed by comments such as, ‘Thank goodness, the old way was awful’ but… Eventually, any new normal would be the normal.  Now that’s something to think about! If you agree that you create your own normal, could you create a new normal? Now? 5 New Normals:  Whatever time […][...]

1,000 way conversation

We talk about the importance of two-way conversations, but actually there’s so much more. To be truly connected we have to have multiple conversations, with multiple people, in multiple ways. I do enjoy writing these newsletters and sharing my thoughts, but for a some time now I’ve been frustrated. It feels to me like I’m broadcasting (one-way) rather than having a real conversation. So this week I’ve launched the How to Be Brilliant private Facebook […][...]

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