You can’t run a marathon in an hour

You can’t run a marathon in an hour. But you can walk a mile. Do that.   It’s December 1st and there’s no doubt, the next few weeks will include all kinds of craziness, stresses and hopefully joyfulness. And a bit of overwhelm too. Overwhelm usually occurs when you realise (or believe) you’ve taken too […][...]

Too much choice

I was going to create a Black Friday sale with amazing offers on loads of products. And then I remembered the jam experiment, where a supermarket increased its range of jams fivefold and sold… less jam. Most people appreciate less choice, not more. Keep it simple Heppell.   In the spirit of less jam choice, […][...]

The Opportunity Clock

When I first heard Zig Ziglar talking about the Opportunity Clock, I realised it was a Flip It moment of genius. It’s stayed with me forever. Opportunity is something we want to move towards. Alarm is something we want to move away from. When the alarm clock goes, the temptation is to click snooze. When […][...]

A rare phenomenon is taking place

As I write this message something extraordinary is happening Newcastle United are third in the English Premier League. And this newsletter isn’t about football. This time last year a new manager, Eddie Howe, had just taken over and, we were languishing at the bottom with little prospect of achieving anything like the heady heights we’re […][...]

It’s going well. So… Stop!

On Monday I hosted a TEAM17 Stream on Self-Sabotage. We questioned why we do it, how we do it and what we can do about it. As always, a TEAM17 Member said something which made my mind flip. ‘When things are going well, slow down and even stop for a moment. You don’t always have to […][...]

Lost & Found

I’m excellent at losing things. And only slightly good at finding things. That equates to a net loss of some things. My wife is excellent at finding things and rarely loses things. Her net result is, she’s found more things. And as many of those things are my previously lost things… that’s a result.   […][...]

There’s much more to this

A gratitude list is much more than just being grateful. It trains your brain. To practice focusing on good things. Then, (and here’s the best bit), when you need to trigger a positive emotion, you’re in a better position to do so.   One of my favourite coaching tips is to practice when you don’t […][...]

When to clean tables

We flew home with Jet2 last week. In one of those rows where they need to attach a ‘micro table’. You know the type. Like the ones in lecture theatres, that swing out of the arm rest so you can take notes. So long as you are taking notes on the back of a postage […][...]

Coming Together

Over the last 30 months, groups of strangers, some still relatively unknown to the other, have come together. Maybe an online forum. A Facebook Group. Or a neighbourhood. It’s taken a global pandemic, cost of living crisis, celebration of service and ultimately our monarch’s death. But we have become closer. And I like that.   […][...]

Get Bitter or Get Better

It’s easy to get triggered. Some people seem to have made this an art. And the more they get triggered, the more they get triggered.   I’m currently writing a new programme for TEAM17. We’re going to spend three months going deep into classic personal development and I’m working out how we can help each […][...]

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