If you think education is expensive, try…

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” That’s a great quote. Attributed to Ann Landers (Eppie Lederer), Derek Bok and a bunch of other chancers who wish they’d said it. Everyone claims they’re ‘always learning’. And to a point, yes. But the truth is most have lowered their learning to a leisurely stroll. Why? […][...]

Social Shocker

The best business minds… are not on LinkedIn. The best video makers… are not on TikTok. The best socialisers… are not on Facebook. And brace yourself. The best photographers are not on Snapchat. And no one is on Threads 😂   Time to stop beating yourself up if your Instagram following isn’t flourishing or your […][...]

Do you PP?

I’ve found myself being a PP. Have you? A PP here. PP there. Here a P. There a P. You get it. It’s…   People Pleasing. And gosh, it’s tiring. Attempting to reply to every comment. Answer every question. Having a ‘yes’ attitude. Accepting too much. Taking on other people’s problems. The worst is when […][...]

Do you get nervous

Do you get nervous? A question that often comes my way, especially concerning my main job: Which is being on stage, facing crowds (that sometimes stretch into the thousands) and keeping them enthralled while I teach them the secrets of How to Be Brilliant. Talk about a keynote title that creates a rod for your […][...]

Self-driving cars are about to do this…

Imagine a world where cars don’t just drive themselves, but also chat with each other. This isn’t a sci-fi scenario, it’s the imminent future of self-driving technology. These vernacular vehicles promise to revolutionise our roads by optimising routes, scheduling travel times, easing traffic and elevating safety.     It’s a thrilling (and yes, a bit scary) […][...]

Sharpen Your Life

Happy New Year! I received an invitation to purchase the world’s greatest knife sharpener with a rather splendid tagline. Everyone wants sharp knives. No one wants to sharpen them. Until now. I was intrigued and sure enough a very cool knife sharpener was on offer. For £250! I hardly use knives, but I still wanted […][...]

Tiny Triggers

Last week I presented a Magic Monday LIVE on Tiny Triggers. We all get triggered. I can deal with the big stuff. It’s the little ones that needle. Like cheese and onion crisps or bagpipes. It’s weird that we/you/me let these small inconveniences affect our demeanor. Like noisy eaters or dog poo. And even though we know […][...]

I wish I’d recorded that…

I’d just finished an online meeting with a potential new client about a keynote presentation.  Ideas were bouncing and (forgive a moment of ego) I shared some brilliant off-the-cuff ideas. At the end of the meeting, they commented that it sounded perfect, they loved it and wanted to book me.   Then I realised… In my […][...]

You don’t become better by accident

One of the best things about my job is interviewing highly successful people. And I love to weave in a question or two about how they did it. After 30+ years no one has claimed ‘It just happened’ or occurred ‘by accident’. It’s invariably about intention, focused effort and the magic ingredient… Learning from others. […][...]

Don’t fall in love

Have you heard of the Ford Edsel? In the 1950s, Ford Motors were on a roll. They believed they had their finger on the pulse of the American driver and the all new ‘Edsel’ was going to be their crowning glory. The Ford Execs were giddy and poured huge resources into the car’s development. They […][...]

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