Cooking for 24

I’m no chef, but at our Jubilee party, I cooked a fabulous feast for two dozen hungry guests.     It was a barbecue (of course)… of epic proportions.     ‘A taste sensation’. Not my words, my adoring diners who loved every morsel.     Now the truth.   In reality, I was the chief heater-upper.    […][...]

Expect Your Fun To Be Taken Seriously

I saw this on a poster last week and initially thought it was a little crass.     But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that the best fun is often planned. And yes – taken seriously.     Of course, there are exceptions. Those times when a boring day just evolves into […][...]

Do You Lick Plates?

I’ll admit it.   My wife creates the most delicious, incredible food.   It’s so good I’ll often finish my meal and lick the plate.   Is it greed?     Or getting best value?       My dad used to collect pencils from hotel meeting rooms. He’d wait until everyone had left the meeting he’d […][...]

Less Than 4 Seconds

On May 6th 2018 Feliks Zemdegs completed a Rubik’s Cube in less than five seconds (4:22!) setting a world record that no one could beat.   That’s faster than the time it took you to read the last sentence.   Then along came Yusheng Du who did it in 3:47! Less than four seconds.   […][...]

Two years ago today

Who could have predicted what an extraordinary two years we would experience? In some ways time has flown. In others it’s limped by. No one knows what will happen next. What I do know is the next two years are going to be equally as extraordinary. Are you ready? Ready to embrace even more change? […][...]

How to wipe out negativity

The best way to wipe out negativity is to starve it. Negativity can’t survive without fuel. But removing it? That’s hard. Because like a fire needs oxygen, negativity needs unhelpful thoughts. And the fuel for these thoughts is everywhere. There is a better way… To fight a fire, a CO2 extinguisher replaces the oxygen with […][...]

22 Ways To Make Your 2022 a Brill One

I know lists to start your year could be seen as clichéd, but I enjoy writing them and, from previous years, it looks like you enjoy reading them. Here we go: 1 Mend Something. Repairing rather than replacing is rewarding and makes you appreciate what you have. This applies to items and relationships. 2 Read […][...]

Having one in the bag

My contemporaries who regularly mail newsletters always advise having ‘one in the bag’. It’s for the times when you simply can’t think of anything to write. Or you have a technical mishap and for some reason you just can’t get your words to screen. This has never appealed to me, as I’ve always believed a newsletter really should be as current as possible – newsworthy. Having said that, […][...]

Im Late

I’m late And that’s ok. I’m letting myself get away with a little more at the moment. Are you? In the first lockdown, there was a bit of Dunkirk spirit. I’m going to get fit! I’m taking up conversational Spanish. Yes, NOW is the time for me to learn how to play the lute. And don’t […][...]

A Year In Numbers

Here’s my year as a list in numbers. Minutes spent LIVE broadcasting – 5,400 Zoom Coaching Sessions delivered – 349 People joining our How to Be Brilliant Facebook Group – 2,874 Books published by members of Write That Book Masterclass – 8 The Bumps Ahead Nick Finney Welcome to Hilltop Shelia Starr Scared To Be […][...]

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