The Heat

Britain is in the grip of a heat wave – and we just can’t cope. On Tuesday evening we were trapped on a LNER East Coast Train for six hours with (what felt like) seventeen thousand other passengers. I witnessed a ‘gentle’man verbally assaulting a fellow passenger because she was ‘sitting in my seat’. Regretfully, […][...]

No one likes planning…

But everyone likes a plan. You know that day where you had nothing planned? And it turned out to be brilliant! The one where the planets just seemed to line up and everything wonderful that could have happened – did? That amazing day that you’ve talked about for years? The one where you had to […][...]


Hentitled: Those who strut, clucking endlessly about why they should have what they think they deserve, without putting in effort and forgetting everyone else…  Often with an ‘I’ve paid, therefore…’ mind-set. Cluck, cluck, cluck. ‘I pay my rates, why can’t the council pick up this rubbish?’ Cluck ‘I pay my taxes for the NHS – I […][...]

Happy International Day Of Happiness

Today, 20th March, is International Day Of Happiness. I’d like to wish you a very happy day. Did you know the Action for Happiness pledge is: “I will try to create more happiness in the world around me” How about you take out the word ‘try’ and 100% create some extra joy and happiness around you today? […][...]

How To Survive And Thrive This Christmas

A very quick message to say thank you for reading, commenting and sharing my newsletters this year. When I write; I start by facing an empty screen. And before I’ve typed a single word I know 16,000 people may or may not even open my newsletter and this decision is often based on the title […][...]

Milk and No Sugar Please Sir Richard

Milk and No Sugar Please Sir Richard I’m currently writing a new edition of my book 5 Star Service, so naturally senses become heightened and my service radar goes into overdrive. If you’ve read 5 Star Service (if not, why not?) then you’ll know I’m mainly looking for positive examples of great service. 5 Star […][...]

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