I get to go to work

I was listening to Clubhouse recently when someone shared a brilliant idea.    For the last 10 years he’s told his kids that he, ‘Gets to go to work’…  Rather than ‘Daddy has to go to work’.  The change is subtle, the difference in meaning huge. He explained, ‘If you say you have to go, kids learn quickly from their parents.  They’ll soon have to go to school, they’ll have to tidy their room, etc. I want […][...]

The spark is the start

Every Wednesday I take an hour or so to write this newsletter. I love it. It’s never a chore. And writing it makes me better. Finding a subject isn’t a challenge. I can always think of ideas – because I have a secret tool… It’s books. But not necessarily reading them. Being inspired by being […][...]

5 Instant Destressors and No Mention of Meditation

Count to 17: Counting to ten was the old way to calm. These days it can take a little longer and a few more fingers. Feel better? If not… count again. Remove decisions: Decisions cause micro stressors – see last week’s newsletter and the brilliant comments from readers. Scrunch your hands as tightly as you can… then […][...]

Why Routine Rocks

Every time you need to make a decision, you are adding some stress to your life. Even the smallest decisions create micro stressors. The more decisions you have to make, the more micro stressors you put on yourself. They build and build and then… The solution? Routine. And it’s not just me who thinks this. […][...]

A Year In Numbers

Here’s my year as a list in numbers. Minutes spent LIVE broadcasting – 5,400 Zoom Coaching Sessions delivered – 349 People joining our How to Be Brilliant Facebook Group – 2,874 Books published by members of Write That Book Masterclass – 8 The Bumps Ahead Nick Finney Welcome to Hilltop Shelia Starr Scared To Be […][...]

Fit Your Own Mask First

Over the past couple of weeks, I have had the privilege of presenting a new workshop with my amazing wife and partner Christine. We make a great double act. It’s called ‘Fit Your Own Mask First’. As the title would suggest, it’s a one-hour webinar where Christine and I share loads of great tools to help people to look […][...]

A little known fact about the village people

You, like me, will have flailed your arms to YMCA by the 1970s global phenomenon – The Village People. They were huge ‘back in the day’ and when the money started to flood in, the famous ‘characters’ demanded more money. And that was the rub. Their manager politely told them that there was going to […][...]

Death by 1000 cuts

Lingchi (Chinese for lingering death) was a horrendous torture method used for hundreds of years before being banned in the early twentieth century (I know, that recent). It’s horrendous and I’ll leave the detail to your imagination. We often think something ‘suddenly’ happens, but could the truth be that we killed it with 1,000 cuts? The family business transitioning to the next generation.  The new owners are happy to take some […][...]

Have you been stating the obvious

‘The dark nights are coming.’ There are so many daft things about that sentence… and yet I say it every year. Like it’s a surprise that it will soon be dark at 6pm. Is it a British thing? Like being amazed at the price of a Freddo (the frog)*? Or flabbergasted that the number of crisps in a bag of Walkers is down to single figures? Why even mention it? Yes, the […][...]

When it all goes belly up

I was just about to press the button and launch TEAM 17 University (if you don’t know about TEAM 17 you can find out more here). That was three days ago. Since then, our TEAM 17 University online host – Kajabi – has had three days of outages, database problems and connectivity issues. I was so pleased with myself because I’d thought that uploading everything three days before you […][...]

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