Fit Your Own Mask First

Over the past couple of weeks, I have had the privilege of presenting a new workshop with my amazing wife and partner Christine. We make a great double act. It’s called ‘Fit Your Own Mask First’. As the title would suggest, it’s a one-hour webinar where Christine and I share loads of great tools to help people to look […][...]

A little known fact about the village people

You, like me, will have flailed your arms to YMCA by the 1970s global phenomenon – The Village People. They were huge ‘back in the day’ and when the money started to flood in, the famous ‘characters’ demanded more money. And that was the rub. Their manager politely told them that there was going to […][...]

Death by 1000 cuts

Lingchi (Chinese for lingering death) was a horrendous torture method used for hundreds of years before being banned in the early twentieth century (I know, that recent). It’s horrendous and I’ll leave the detail to your imagination. We often think something ‘suddenly’ happens, but could the truth be that we killed it with 1,000 cuts? The family business transitioning to the next generation.  The new owners are happy to take some […][...]

Have you been stating the obvious

‘The dark nights are coming.’ There are so many daft things about that sentence… and yet I say it every year. Like it’s a surprise that it will soon be dark at 6pm. Is it a British thing? Like being amazed at the price of a Freddo (the frog)*? Or flabbergasted that the number of crisps in a bag of Walkers is down to single figures? Why even mention it? Yes, the […][...]

When it all goes belly up

I was just about to press the button and launch TEAM 17 University (if you don’t know about TEAM 17 you can find out more here). That was three days ago. Since then, our TEAM 17 University online host – Kajabi – has had three days of outages, database problems and connectivity issues. I was so pleased with myself because I’d thought that uploading everything three days before you […][...]

Dealing with the second spike

It was inevitable, but it’s still a bummer. The question is, what’s your plan…. if (or when) we have a second wave; another spike? I’ve heard several people ask: ‘When can we just get back to normal?’ ‘When will it end?’ It won’t. It’s our ability to deal with it, to normalise and to accept it that’s […][...]

Worrier or Warrior

You’ve been a Worrier and you’ve been a Warrior. There’s only a couple of letters difference, but they’re a world apart. Worrier to Warrior contrasts. Some as simple as a change of tone. Worriers think – what happened? Warriors ask – ‘What’s next? Worriers assume – they’re talking about me. Warriors assume – they’re talking about me! Worriers deliberate […][...]

On Repeat

I’ve just finished writing my newsletter for this week. But you won’t see it here. Just as I completed the final few words, I realised the message was almost exactly the same as last week’s. Only a rehash. Even the last sentence was identical. What’s going on? Maybe you need a repeat? If so, you’ll see […][...]

Is Perfect Overrated

Unless you’re running a Michelin starred restaurant or carrying out some delicate surgery, it could be argued that being perfect is overrated. I interviewed Paul Mort recently, who passionately argued that he would rather have done than perfect. I’m a massive fan of getting it over the line. ‘It’ being anything you’ve been putting off. […][...]

We saw 100 piglets

‘How was your day?’ That was the question we used to ask our kids. It was a useless request; as it prompted ‘fine’ as a response. End of conversation. We changed it to: ‘What was the best thing about today?’ ‘What could have been better?’ ‘What made you smile?’ Etcetera. Last night I called our daughter. She’s […][...]

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