Dealing with the second spike

It was inevitable, but it’s still a bummer. The question is, what’s your plan…. if (or when) we have a second wave; another spike? I’ve heard several people ask: ‘When can we just get back to normal?’ ‘When will it end?’ It won’t. It’s our ability to deal with it, to normalise and to accept it that’s […][...]

Worrier or Warrior

You’ve been a Worrier and you’ve been a Warrior. There’s only a couple of letters difference, but they’re a world apart. Worrier to Warrior contrasts. Some as simple as a change of tone. Worriers think – what happened? Warriors ask – ‘What’s next? Worriers assume – they’re talking about me. Warriors assume – they’re talking about me! Worriers deliberate […][...]

On Repeat

I’ve just finished writing my newsletter for this week. But you won’t see it here. Just as I completed the final few words, I realised the message was almost exactly the same as last week’s. Only a rehash. Even the last sentence was identical. What’s going on? Maybe you need a repeat? If so, you’ll see […][...]

Is Perfect Overrated

Unless you’re running a Michelin starred restaurant or carrying out some delicate surgery, it could be argued that being perfect is overrated. I interviewed Paul Mort recently, who passionately argued that he would rather have done than perfect. I’m a massive fan of getting it over the line. ‘It’ being anything you’ve been putting off. […][...]

We saw 100 piglets

‘How was your day?’ That was the question we used to ask our kids. It was a useless request; as it prompted ‘fine’ as a response. End of conversation. We changed it to: ‘What was the best thing about today?’ ‘What could have been better?’ ‘What made you smile?’ Etcetera. Last night I called our daughter. She’s […][...]

I can’t

Why do we say what we can’t do? I can’t come because… I can’t do x it’s not our policy… I can’t do that, I haven’t got the resources… I can’t, I’m busy… Is it can’t or won’t? If it is can’t, would ‘unable’ be better language? And why announce it? I saw a lovely LinkedIn […][...]

If you’re not a kind person

If you’re not a kind person what kind of person are you? I wrote a long newsletter for you today; including a story, a few ‘how to’s’ and a challenge. Then deleted it. You don’t need it. It’s so glaringly obvious. Be kind. If you already are. Be kinder. Michael[...]

My First New Book For 8 Years

I’m excited to introduce you to my first new book for 8 years: 17 – The little way to get a lot done It’s a limited edition book written off the back of a pop-up group. The 17 Group has been running since 1st July and ends tomorrow. What started simply as a way to kick start the second half of 2020, has developed into something quite amazing. And I have […][...]

The Biggest Hump

If a Wednesday is hump day…  And the 15th is the half-month hump (closer to the next payday than the last one)… Then this must be hump-year-day. From today, you’re closer to 2021 than you are to 2019. So, how’s your 2020 turning out? Eeek! Who could have predicted it. So how about a little bit of certainty in your life? Yes, Michael!  The best […][...]

The Dalai Lama said this ….

Everyone knows that meditation, stilling the mind and getting into a deep relaxed state is good for you. The problem is, it’s boring Or at least it can be boring. Even using visualisation techniques, Such as imagining a slow-burning candle or a blossoming flower. It can quickly lead to distraction. Plus, what’s the point? It takes years to really reap the […][...]

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