The Biggest Hump

If a Wednesday is hump day…  And the 15th is the half-month hump (closer to the next payday than the last one)… Then this must be hump-year-day. From today, you’re closer to 2021 than you are to 2019. So, how’s your 2020 turning out? Eeek! Who could have predicted it. So how about a little bit of certainty in your life? Yes, Michael!  The best […][...]

The Dalai Lama said this ….

Everyone knows that meditation, stilling the mind and getting into a deep relaxed state is good for you. The problem is, it’s boring Or at least it can be boring. Even using visualisation techniques, Such as imagining a slow-burning candle or a blossoming flower. It can quickly lead to distraction. Plus, what’s the point? It takes years to really reap the […][...]

I was embarrassed

I’d reached my mid 40s and successfully managed to avoid it. Then one day, I can’t recall exactly how, I suddenly found myself joining a yoga class. I was the only short, overweight, bloke in the room. And obviously I hadn’t received the LuLuLemon memo so turned up wearing a Newcastle United strip. There were many good reasons why I should have made my excuses and left. After all, this was never going to be a specialist subject of mine. There’s an argument (promoted […][...]

Who moved my….

Phase One – Panic and Preparation. Dunkirk Spirit. We can do this. All in this together. Phase Two – New Ways of Working. Zoom. See you in two months. Lower expectations. Date Nights and YouTube Quizzes. Phase Three – Back to Normal. Except there is no normal. ‘But I can’t stay like this!’. Phased return. Look at […][...]

When £0 is still too much

I received a complaint this morning. Which is fine. I wrote a book on customer service and was happy to include the cliché ‘Complaints Are A Gift’. This was an interesting one. It was from a member of a pop-up group I’ve been running over the last week called ‘Write That Book’. The idea was to run a 4-day challenge to take […][...]

Are you having crazy dreams too?

Every morning, I wake up relieved. Relieved they were just dreams. Not that they were nightmares. Just weird. Very weird. My mind is whirring at the moment. I did a little research and found that if you write down all the stuff that’s been going on, your dreams will be less whacky. Something to do with the brain needing to put less energy into […][...]

Flip It, Kelly Hoppen and Love

In 2009 I wrote a book called Flip It, with the subtitle of how to get the best out of everything.  I had no idea when I wrote it that now would be the perfect time for Flip It and the tools and techniques within it. And yet, over the last few weeks, more people than ever have contacted me to talk about Flip It since Chris Evans raved about it on Radio 2. They […][...]

I’ve Had A Wobble

Yesterday, at around about 5:30pm, I drifted into our kitchen. I felt dazed and tearful. My shoulders ached. My mind was racing, but without clear thought. I had nothing left. For the last 10 days I’ve been coaching, supporting, broadcasting and sharing, trying to do my bit to help and encourage people during this difficult time We’ve all heard the story of the importance of ‘fitting your own oxygen mask […][...]

Hope IS A Strategy

I used to argue that ‘hope was not a strategy’; this was a classic piece of most business training, encouraging participants to be strategic. But in these days, HOPE is a strategy. In fact, without hope and faith, it’s easy to become very low. I’ve spent the last 10 days mainly on Zoom and Teams, coaching; helping people and organisations (of […][...]

Protecting your honour

‘Right you, let’s sort this outside.’ It’s not the coolest way to settle an argument; it’s also a bit old fashioned and personally, I’d run. The modern day duel is usually a battle of words; rap battles, comedy roasts, Twitter spats. Not really guns at dawn. The history of the duel goes back well before the image of two toffs taking three paces; in fact it dates back to […][...]

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