What are excuses

What are excuses?

I didn’t receive the email*. I meant to, but I forgot. I thought ‘x’ was doing it. And while we’re going down this murky track… ‘The dog ate it Miss’. All excuses (*and btw, you did). Too harsh? Let’s re-title… Justifications? Still too hard? OK, how about… Explanations? That feels more palatable. The outcome’s the […][...]

No Facebook image

No Facebook

‘Did they switch it off and on again?’ ‘I survived the great Facebook outage of 2021’ And my favourite… ‘Were you affected by having no Instagram for six hours? You could be due compensation’ Yes Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and humankind went down for six hours on Monday night. Some people are still trying to recover. […][...]

It’s Easier With The Who

Most people know the importance of finding your ‘why’. If you put the ‘why’ first, the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ are easier. But there’s a missing piece of this jigsaw… the ‘who’. (Cue jokes about Roger Daltrey, Pete Townsend, et al). The ‘who’ are the people who can help you. Actually, those who WANT to help you. I’m amused by those who have 7,000 connections on LinkedIn […][...]

What’s brilliant about VHS

Last night we watched some of our old VHS tapes. It was Christine’s idea. And it was wonderful! A few years ago, I attempted to persuade Mrs H to chuck out the old cassettes. After last night, I’m glad we didn’t. We watched ‘The Snowman’ (the David Bowie version). Then we watched a 1997 Disney […][...]

One Of Us

I met Carl Holmes on Monday. He’s ‘one of us’. A person who’s like-minded. Easy to get on with. Enjoyable to be around. One of us. I’d asked him if he would be interested in doing some development work for me using a platform called Knack. We’d booked a discovery call to talk about the project. […][...]

A couple of years ago, our faithful apple tree just gave up and stopped providing fruit. Just when it looked like game over, a further terrible thing happened. I took my eye off the ball, ivy attacked and promptly killed it. Not the whole tree – just half. By the time I’d removed the incriminating creeper, pruned back the dead twigs and removed most of […][...]

Doing Their Best

My favourite pub, The Rat Inn, has chosen to close on Mondays. Not due to Covid. It’s because they can’t find enough staff to provide the service they are known for. They’ve tried letting patrons know and still some customers kick off. After a horrendous 18 months, the hospitality industry is being hit again with the challenge of not being able to find enough people. And […][...]

Push or Pull

‘Once I found my real why, exercise was easy.’ Which is the strongest motivator? Gaining pleasure or avoiding pain? I have asked this question hundreds of times, usually followed by the concept that you’ll do more to avoid pain… in the short-term. A member of TEAM17 recently posted that she thought she wanted to exercise to drop […][...]

17 Ways to Make Decisions

Some make products. Some make sales. Brilliant people make decisions. As if choosing wasn’t hard enough. Acting on choices is harder. I’ve studied highly successful people for 30 years. Being a decision-maker leaps out as one of the key characteristics of brilliant people. Here are 17 ways to make better decisions: 1) Gather data. Boring, but essential. 2) Don’t fear the consequence. Terrifying, but true. 3) Tune into […][...]

Why You Don’t Complain

Last week was my birthday. We celebrated by having a mains water leak, directly into our home. Not the perfect way to spend what should have been a fun-filled Friday. But it was interesting – to say the least. We had two very different plumbers. The first was, let’s say (and I’m being kind here) not the sharpest tool in the […][...]

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