Time for some abscission

Last weekend Christine looked out of the window and declared, ‘Oh no, they’re all gone’. I wasn’t sure if she was referring to the neighbours, the cars or the sheep! Turns out she was talking about the leaves. It’s not like it’s a surprise; leaves leave trees. But why so quick? It’s down to abscission, […][...]


Kindness is one of the most amazing qualities a person can have. And it costs…? Nothing. So why is it such an effort (for some people) to be kind? I think I’ve worked it out. Perhaps it’s harder to be kind than (no, not nasty) neutral. No one thinks they’re being nasty… ignoring a homeless […][...]

My Billion Dollar Dream

I always sleep with a notepad and pen close to hand. I’ve remembered important information, have come up with creative ideas and documented some pretty whacky dreams. Last weekend, Christine looked at my pad and asked what I’d been writing. I had no idea. Could it have been a billion-dollar idea I’d had during my sleep? After […][...]

I apologise

Please don’t ever say those words. If you need to say you’re sorry – say, ‘I’m sorry’. Last week I had a telephone conversation with Blood Donors.  They called me. I do want to give blood. I know how important it is to give blood. Unfortunately, right now they won’t take my blood as I’ve had regular acupuncture. In my experience, when Blood Donors call, their […][...]

7 signs of maturity

1. You forgive more often 2. You respect difference 3. You’re critical less and open-minded more 4. You don’t compare yourself to others 5. You find the good in people and speak nicely about them behind their backs 6. You choose to be happy, humble and helpful 7. You speak when you can make a difference […][...]


‘I’m nervcited’. I heard this yesterday when I was sharing tools on how to instantly turn being nervous to being excited. It’s new word created by the daughter of one my clients as she was about to start her first term at ‘big school’. I think it’s lovely. When exploring your state, there’s not much difference […][...]

I didn’t know – but it had already killed

We’re lucky enough to be the custodians of an almost 200 year old house. There’s always something to do and a few weeks ago it was tackling ivy. I went at it with gusto, filling several dumpy bags and making numerous trips to the tip. ‘Yep, me again’. Whilst hacking for Britain, I noticed there was an […][...]

Pavlov’s iPhone

I did it. I actually did it. This summer I achieved a… drum roll… digital detox! And it was like coming off crack. In August, we shared a week of our summer break with friends. We had a great time; mainly lying on beaches, eating amazing food and drinking G&T. One night, the conversation turned […][...]

Why this will be your last newsletter

… until September. I love to take a break and deciding to take August off was one of our greatest decisions. Reading. Days out. Pottering in the garden. Tidying the garage. (Well actually not tidying the garage – it’s a holiday not a penance) Just as farmers leave fields to lie fallow, I will be attempting […][...]

In Severe Pain

The strangest thing happened last week. I was on a train, heading to an event and reading… Totally engaged in the moment. Then my state was broken. A crew member was asking if I’d like a coffee. And then it happened… Searing pain in my left hand. The reason? I was pressing the space between […][...]

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