Why You Don’t Complain

Last week was my birthday. We celebrated by having a mains water leak, directly into our home. Not the perfect way to spend what should have been a fun-filled Friday. But it was interesting – to say the least. We had two very different plumbers. The first was, let’s say (and I’m being kind here) not the sharpest tool in the […][...]

The difficult second album

You know the band who smashed it with their first album and then found it difficult to repeat their success? Their record company is screaming: Just do it again, give us the hits!  Why can’t they repeat the magic? Possibly because that first album may only have taken two months to record but… They’ve been working on it for the last five years. Playing live, night after night. Desperately […][...]

One of the hardest things to do

…is to say less. I’ve launched my next Write That Book Masterclass. The most common question from new authors is, ‘How much should I write?’ My answer? Never too long, only too boring. Never too short, only too sparing. www.WriteThatBook.co.uk is now open. Be Brilliant![...]

What made me cry last night

Last night I cried.  I wasn’t even watching Long Lost Family 😢. I cried because of a book. Actually, not a book. An author. I was LIVE broadcasting in to my Write That Book Pop-Up Group. Earlier in the day, a copy of first-time author Richard Thomas’s new book Memories from The End Of The Line (check out his blog) arrived. It should have been a simple moment of joy. A member […][...]

I’ve set a scary goal

I’ve a new goal and it’s crazy, huge and a bit scary. Help 1,000 people to write 1,000 books in 1,000 days. When I started Write That Book, I knew it would be special – but I had no idea how special. From seasoned authors who have written several books to those who only had the embryo of an idea for their […][...]

The Joy of Rationing

I remember my mother and grandmother telling me stories about rationing. For my mum, it was only being allowed 2oz of sweets (57 grams). For my grandmother, it was everything – from butter to soap. When I go out for a hike with Mrs H, she very kindly creates a sweet bag. We stock up from a website called aquarterof.co.uk and they have all the classics you and […][...]

Put Less In – Take More Out

It’s the opposite of what you’ve been taught. But you know how I like to Flip It! He are some times when putting less in really can help you to get more out. Less negativity in = More positivity out Less criticism = More room for praise Less complaining = More time for complementing Less worry = Finding more confidence Less moaning = More smiling Less focusing on self = More focusing on others Less pointing out bad drivers = More keeping your […][...]

Leave the raft

Imagine crossing a river.  Your mode of transport is a sturdy, well-built raft.  Once you dock, instead of leaving the raft, you drag it out of the river and carry it on your back. All day, every day.   This would be seen as crazy behaviour.  And yet you and I do it.  The Raft is your learning.  Sometimes we’re so focused on our own learning, discovering the next new thing, striving […][...]

Missed It

It’s one of those weekly things I habitually do. I write it on Tuesday or Wednesday, to make sure it arrives every Thursday. This newsletter. Yesterday, it didn’t arrive. And for a very good reason. I hadn’t written it. I could have blamed writer’s block (which doesn’t really exist). Or technology – claiming it was sent, you just didn’t […][...]

Delayed Gratification

I have a coaching client, Claire, who this week shared with me a most wonderful idea. She’s planting… seeds, bulbs, cuttings, seedlings, tubers, etc. A minimum of one item, every day, for 90 days. She knows that even before Day 90, she will see the fruits of her labour. Plus, the garden gifts will keep on giving – long after the initial 90 […][...]

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