I have ETB

On Monday, I had the joy of a deep scale and polish at my dentists. As usual, the hygienist did a quick gum check; prodding, poking and saying random numbers to her assistant. ‘A one, two, two, a one, a two… etc’. Suddenly she stopped and said, ‘Patient has ETB’. What the…? I was in […][...]


Hentitled: Those who strut, clucking endlessly about why they should have what they think they deserve, without putting in effort and forgetting everyone else…  Often with an ‘I’ve paid, therefore…’ mind-set. Cluck, cluck, cluck. ‘I pay my rates, why can’t the council pick up this rubbish?’ Cluck ‘I pay my taxes for the NHS – I […][...]

Mania Vs Contentment ….

Are you manic? Have you ever been? It’s not the most helpful state – but it’s a common one. Running late. Hoping for the call back. Overwhelmed with what there is to do. Wishing the kids would just settle!   Mania is always looking …..  Hoping to find the fix.  Searching for solutions. While mania always […][...]

Why is it always the middle of the night when your smoke alarm beeps?

First of all, it’s great to be back.  We’ve rested for most of August and as usual, when it gets to September, I’m raring to go. Plus, conference season is starting and we’re going to be speaking to thousands of people over the next couple of months. Can’t wait. How was your summer? For half the […][...]

How to say no

YES! Yes, I’ll do it – Too easy. Sorry No – Too hard. If, like me, you are presented with a dozen or so opportunities a week (thank you LinkedIn) … If you have well-meaning souls aiming to make your life richer, more fulfilled, etc … If you feel like you don’t have enough time […][...]

When to Stop

Never, never, ever quit… Is such stupid advice. One of my clients just made a massive decision to close an office in an emerging territory. I’m sure if they had kept going, sooner or later they would have made it work. But right now there are many other things to focus on …. Like creating […][...]

I’m buzzing like a bee

In fact, I’m buzzing like a panicked bee on a hot summer’s day, trapped in a jam jar. I’m wearing a bit of ‘clever tech’. It’s supposed to be helping me but every few seconds this confounded gadget lights up and shocks me. Buzz! Shocks me back into perfect posture. It’s been given to me […][...]

Hanging out with a Lama

Everyone has heard of the Dalai Lama – the premier purveyor of peace. But did you know there are other Lamas too? 31 true re-incarnated deities I’m told. I’ve recently spent a couple of days with the amazing Tulku Lobsang. The first thing that grabs you is his energy.  As he walked into the room […][...]

What’s in a smile

From just a few weeks after birth, we demonstrate that we feel happy by smiling.  All through our lives and until our dying day we use the same process. People are even heard to comment that they’d like to die with a smile on their face. So take a look around.  If smiling is so […][...]

His Answer Was Shocking

His Answer Was Shocking When people pre-phrase a sentence with ‘I think…’ the chances are they haven’t really thought at all. In 2002 I attended The International Conference on Thinking in Harrogate.  I’d started my career by speaking at the Singapore Conference in 1997 and was excited to hear that the UK was hosting the […][...]

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