In Severe Pain

The strangest thing happened last week. I was on a train, heading to an event and reading… Totally engaged in the moment. Then my state was broken. A crew member was asking if I’d like a coffee. And then it happened… Searing pain in my left hand. The reason? I was pressing the space between […][...]

The Problem With Coaching

I’m having a lovely lunch with my friend Pablo, when suddenly he feels the need to make an announcement.  ‘Do you know what the problem is with coaches?’ He demands.  ‘No. I mean yes. No?’ I splutter.  He had me one the ropes, and we’d only just finished our starters.  ‘The problem with coaches is; it’s […][...]

Calibre vs Character

I work with hundreds of organisations in dozens of sectors.  All have the same major challenge. They need and want great people with great character. A dilemma that frequently arises is there’s too much focus put on calibre and too little on character. Everyone thinks they get it right. On the face of it, who would want to admit to putting […][...]

Get Your Act Together

In the 1950’s big budget movies started hitting the silver screen. Singin’ In The Rain, Ben-Hur, The Ten Commandments– they were all epic productions. You can imagine the pressure on the Producers, who promptly passed it on to the Directors and ultimately the Actors. The term ‘Get your act together!’ came from the Director’s chair following their frustration with […][...]

What Is The Clarity Method?

When coaching a new client, I often end up discussing values. Once they truly understand their core values and can articulate and act on them, many parts of life become less complex. Understanding your values gives you clarity. For example, if one of your core values is ‘security’, that Everest expedition may be a bit of […][...]

The Ultimate Life Hack

Google ‘Life Hacks’ and you’ll find list after list – often with grand claims making you doubt how you’ve lived your life without that perfect way to make a sandwich or how to reorganise your sock drawer. I’ll be honest, this newsletter was going to be a Top 10 Life Hacks but when I started to […][...]

What’s The Truth ?

It’s funny how we lean towards believing the negative over the positive. The various news channels know this and they thrive on it. So what – we’re well aware of that. It’s more important when we start to believe negatives about ourselves – especially when it’s a minority. And worse, when that minority is just […][...]

I Was Absolutely Useless

Yes, I was absolutely useless. But the worst thing? I thought I was good. I’ve been having a garage spring clean and came across a box of old MiniDiscs. For younger readers, MiniDisk was the technology after cassettes and before MP3 players. I popped one into the old garage hi-fi, hoping to find a disco […][...]

Dealing With Overwhelm

Last week I hosted the Business Excellence Forum and Awards. It’s a massive event with over 1,200 participants and a range of world-class speakers. Our rehearsal was scheduled for 4.30pm on the day before the event. Then it was moved, moved and moved again. The crew were having a technical nightmare with the set up. […][...]

The smart way to get a double espresso

Last week I had a few days writing in the sun. The hotel was very nice, the breakfast very average. Two days running, the early morning team managed to make the world’s worst double espresso. Weak, too much liquid, lukewarm. Yuck! I asked how they made them and they said it was just a button on the machine. […][...]

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