The Road Less Travelled

It’s 1955 and you’re living in Sweden. The government has decided to ask the public whether they should switch from driving on the left-hand side of the road to the right. As most people love their routines, the idea of such a monumental shift wasn’t well received. A whopping 83% of Swedes voted to keep […][...]

The Brilliance of Buffers

You won’t have heard of fellow Geordie John Baillie, but if it wasn’t for him, trains would have been smashing into each other with alarming force for the last 170 years.    In the mid-19th century, John Baillie invented… the Baillie Schneckenfeder (that’s German not Geordie), a spring coil which we now call a train […][...]

If you do what’s easy

If you do what’s easy, your life will be hard If you do what’s hard, your life will be easy Wise words? Load of bollocks? Bit of both? Let’s explore this age-old adage. The case for: Have you noticed how the things that require the most effort often give the greatest rewards?   Health You […][...]

Overwhelmed person with stickers on face and the phrase The tell-tale signs you’ve taken on too much

The tell-tale signs you’ve taken on too much

Recognise any of these? A meeting is cancelled and you’re relieved. You freeze and you’re not sure what to do next. Previously simple tasks feel complex. The quality of your work decreases. You don’t have time for your health. You keep forgetting things. You’re ALWAYS tired. You’re prone to headaches, muscle tension, picking up every […][...]

The 4 Sets

I believe there are four sets which are essential to personal success: Mindset Toolset Skillset Peopleset Mindset is the foundation – I would say that I’m a motivational speaker. But it is. I know plenty of people who have incredible opportunities and maybe even the other sets but without the right mindset it’s difficult to […][...]

February 29th and I had to

It would be remiss of me to not write about a Leap Year when the 29th lands on one of my regular newsletter days. The next time a Leap Day is on a Thursday will be in 2052. I’ll be 85 and unsure if I’ll still be sending you a weekly message. Here are a […][...]

Why you’re definitely above average

Answer these: Are you more or less honest than the average person? Do you have a better or worse sense of humour? Are you kinder than the average person? Are you a better or worse driver than the average person? Do you care about your family and friends more or less than the average person? […][...]

If you think education is expensive, try…

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” That’s a great quote. Attributed to Ann Landers (Eppie Lederer), Derek Bok and a bunch of other chancers who wish they’d said it. Everyone claims they’re ‘always learning’. And to a point, yes. But the truth is most have lowered their learning to a leisurely stroll. Why? […][...]

Social Shocker

The best business minds… are not on LinkedIn. The best video makers… are not on TikTok. The best socialisers… are not on Facebook. And brace yourself. The best photographers are not on Snapchat. And no one is on Threads 😂   Time to stop beating yourself up if your Instagram following isn’t flourishing or your […][...]

Do you PP?

I’ve found myself being a PP. Have you? A PP here. PP there. Here a P. There a P. You get it. It’s…   People Pleasing. And gosh, it’s tiring. Attempting to reply to every comment. Answer every question. Having a ‘yes’ attitude. Accepting too much. Taking on other people’s problems. The worst is when […][...]

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