What Is Time Horizon?

And why is it important?  A time horizon, also known as a planning horizon, is a fixed point of time in the future at which point certain processes will be evaluated or assumed to end. Thanks, Wikipedia*.  *Do you remember when we used to quote the Oxford English dictionary?    Time Horizon  It’s really just a fancy […][...]

If No One Gives You A Medal

‘If no one gives you a medal… design your own.’  Billy Connolly I’m currently reading the Big Yin’s autobiography, ‘Windswept and Interesting‘ and when he started a chapter with those words, I immediately thought this was sage advice. You can spend much time waiting for the recognition, permission and credit you deserve, only to be […][...]

I’m In Love

I’m one of those people who loves buying books. I also love reading books. And .guess what? I love writing books! Obviously, I read more than I can write. But why do I buy more than I can read? Much of it is the feeling of a buying a new book. And physical books are […][...]

My First Day

We’ve all had our first days – good and bad.   I bet some of yours have been memorable?  I remember:   My first day as a 13-year-old in a new school.  My form teacher made me sit on an upside-down bin as there weren’t enough seats.  The first day of my new business. My ‘guaranteed client’ […][...]

I wish

I wish. Two words that have a massive impact on how we feel. Said in hindsight, they’re normally linked with loss. A look back at what you could have had or done… I wish I’d bought Bitcoin in 2014 I wish I’d spent more time with my family. I wish I’d taken that chance. Said […][...]

What does the Ukraine crisis mean to me?

Waking up to today’s news that ‘they’ve gone in’ filled many with dread. A quick Google search will explain what’s going on in Ukraine. But that search won’t help you with what’s going on in your head. What goes on in your mind is down to you. ‘The price of gas will go up… again’. […][...]

Two years ago today

Who could have predicted what an extraordinary two years we would experience? In some ways time has flown. In others it’s limped by. No one knows what will happen next. What I do know is the next two years are going to be equally as extraordinary. Are you ready? Ready to embrace even more change? […][...]

You have bad breath

If you had halitosis, would you want to know? Easy answer. But would you want to be told? You may think yes. The truth is a little more complex. I had to inform a regular driver he had chronic halitosis. It had reached the point where our hearts would drop when we got in his […][...]

How to wipe out negativity

The best way to wipe out negativity is to starve it. Negativity can’t survive without fuel. But removing it? That’s hard. Because like a fire needs oxygen, negativity needs unhelpful thoughts. And the fuel for these thoughts is everywhere. There is a better way… To fight a fire, a CO2 extinguisher replaces the oxygen with […][...]

Time for a reshuffle?

When political parties and governments decide to have a reshuffle, it always makes the news. Who’s out, who’s in? It should bring fresh ideas to the table and give those who weren’t performing an ‘opportunity to focus on new projects’. That’s the positive spin. What would you reshuffle? What can you remove? Who can you bring in? And who can you move out? The most controversial part of my book, Flip It – how […][...]

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