Curate Your Life

I saw a Facebook poll with the question. Do you believe: a) Life happens to you? b) You create your life? I voted b with a caveat. Can I change create to curate? Create gives the impression that you’re in control of everything. Curate means choosing the best of what you have. As you’re clearly […][...]


It’s that time of year when it’s very easy to become overwhelmed. You know that slightly sick feeling when you’ve no idea how you’re going to get through everything. And there’s a lot of everything.   Then, of course, there’s Overwhelm’s youngest sibling – Underwhelm. What a pair.   Where’s Levelwhelm? The middle child. The […][...]

Too much choice

I was going to create a Black Friday sale with amazing offers on loads of products. And then I remembered the jam experiment, where a supermarket increased its range of jams fivefold and sold… less jam. Most people appreciate less choice, not more. Keep it simple Heppell.   In the spirit of less jam choice, […][...]

Which camp are you in?

There’s only one topic on my mind this week. I’m about to share with you 287 words about writing books. You’ll be in one of three camps: Camp 1: You’re interested in writing, and you’d like to write a book. Camp 2: You’re not interested in writing, but you’d still like to write a book […][...]

It’s going well. So… Stop!

On Monday I hosted a TEAM17 Stream on Self-Sabotage. We questioned why we do it, how we do it and what we can do about it. As always, a TEAM17 Member said something which made my mind flip. ‘When things are going well, slow down and even stop for a moment. You don’t always have to […][...]

The Excitement of Encyclopaedias

There was a time, BG (before Google), when to find information, you would refer to a large faux leather-bound book. The family encyclopaedia. Say I need ‘the height of a giraffe’. You’d go to the room that stored your compendiums. A letter reference on the spine would help you select the correct tome.  ‘F-J’. Then […][...]

Get Bitter or Get Better

It’s easy to get triggered. Some people seem to have made this an art. And the more they get triggered, the more they get triggered.   I’m currently writing a new programme for TEAM17. We’re going to spend three months going deep into classic personal development and I’m working out how we can help each […][...]

You Only See It When You Stop

We were walking our local lanes when Mrs H paused and pointed to a juniper tree.    We’d walked past it just an hour earlier and hadn’t noticed any berries.   Yet when we stopped and looked, we (well she) spotted several of the purple fruits.    Then more.    Then dozens.       It was as if the […][...]

3 Deadly Words

Certain words and phrases just roll off the tongue. Easily said, without much thought or consideration of their impact.   ‘In a minute’ is one.   It starts with pressured parents doing their best to juggle life with a demanding two-year-old needing immediate gratification. Relationships stay still because one or both will do that important […][...]

Is it still summer?

Here, in the UK, we’re exhibiting shock and awe at hosepipe bans (tabloid favourite). Revelling in the hottest summer since… the last hottest one. Meanwhile, in England, we’re bemused that the kids are STILL on holiday. Bedraggled parents are counting the days to the new school term and bemoaning the ridiculous holiday teachers enjoy. All […][...]

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