And why is it important? 

A time horizon, also known as a planning horizon, is a fixed point of time in the future at which point certain processes will be evaluated or assumed to end.

Thanks, Wikipedia*. 

*Do you remember when we used to quote the Oxford English dictionary? 


Time Horizon 

It’s really just a fancy pants term for goal setting.

Something I know a little bit about. 

I’ve often said that a goal is just a dream without a date on it.

The all important date.

Or the new fancy pants; Time Horizon.  

But there’s a little more to it than that. 

I’ve noticed that people who are good at achieving their goals are usually excellent at overcoming procrastination.  

They set their time horizon/goal and then become relentless at getting over the line.  

Something has been niggling me about Time Horizon.

The problem with a horizon is as you move closer… it moves.  

That’s why I like the term ‘Getting it over the line’ for achieving your goal.

When it’s done… it’s done. 

What are you getting over the line? 

I’ll send a copy of my book How to Be Brilliant, which contains the ultimate goal setting guide, for our favourite comment.  

Please leave your comments below.

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  1. April 21st 2022 by Elleesa

    I’m getting my PP2 progression point essay over the line for my PhD. Lot of self reflection involved but I’m bringing it back to writing it before it lapses into procrastination.

  2. April 21st 2022 by Justina McGillivray

    I’m getting heaps of washing over the line, thanks to this glorious sunshine!
    Seriously though, I recently got an academic essay over the line (with 20 mins to spare) and passed! I haven’t written an essay in about 12 years so this was a real achievement for me.
    I’m a massive procrastinator so deadlines are critical for me.
    It’s amazing how much cleaning I can do when I have guests turning up in an hour.
    Your time horizon saying completely resonates with me.

  3. April 21st 2022 by Diane

    Reminding Estate Agents that I am the customer, they work on our behalf and we expect 5* Service – sent them a link to your book!

  4. April 21st 2022 by Gaynor Weatherley

    Time Horizon = Getting it over the line

    Mine are “Parellel lines”
    ‘Picture this’ ‘Will anything Happen’ or will I be ‘Hanging on the telephone ‘ ?
    Line one Finishing that book
    Line two Trying to carry on with hectic life at the same time.
    ‘Will I ‘Fade Away and Radiate’ ?

  5. April 21st 2022 by Lesley Renault

    Chasing up documents needed to transfer my late fathers flat into my name with Land Registry.

  6. April 21st 2022 by Jackie O'Neill

    In the process of ‘moving on’ – trying to manage the stresses of living in limbo as I wait to move house, contemplating the pros and cons of starting a new phase in my life as a single parent. My horizon line is that place of long-anticipated inner peace which continues to feel unreachable, because of long-entrenched feelings of guilt and doubt clouding the way.

  7. April 21st 2022 by Noel Wincote

    All goals have to cross the line, not just bounce on it, that’s the invisible barrier everything has got to cross for it to be a goal and we have no tv to check it has but knowing you’ve crossed that line is the goal itself.

  8. April 21st 2022 by Claire Nicholas

    Writing has to be enjoyable. If you are looking on it as a chore, you’ve already set yourself a huge, unnecessary hurdle. You are writing because you want to write, you want people to read your words. Quite simply, that ain’t gonna happen if you don’t get it over the line! Just enjoy the process and you will soon be enjoying the achievement.

  9. April 21st 2022 by Kaye Patten

    Time Horizon – Getting it over the line
    I am completely focussed and NOTHING is getting in my way. My book The Blownaways has been on THE HORIZON for the last 5 years and other books have come and gone. This time its getting over the line. Being a big girl and playing 2nd row in rugby union that bugger is not only getting over the line its going down!

  10. April 21st 2022 by philip Mahoney-Berg

    Is there a ‘set’ number of times that most authors edit / re-edit a manuscript before deciding that it’s ‘over the line’ and ready for the next stage?

  11. April 21st 2022 by Mags

    Getting over the line normally means added pressure to me and in my life its always been in the support of others. Over the line now represents something for me. However, without doubt it will be the toughest thing I’ve ever done. What a sense of accomplishment I can look forward too!

  12. April 21st 2022 by Susan Grant

    This years holiday. The last 4 years containing, a move, two close family member deaths,dealing with probate, serious illnesses, hospital visits, the dreaded 2 years of Covid, I NEED A BREAK! Hopefully then the batteries will be revitalised and normality will return.

  13. April 21st 2022 by Tricia Frances de Gray

    I had a dream when I was 15 to write my autobiography when I retire. 53 years later it is finally happening. Taking Write That Book Masterclass has given me that push to get it written and over the line this year. I can’t wait to see Michael unbox it!!

  14. April 21st 2022 by Fiona Myles

    Over the line, Over the line, That’s my new mantra said in tune to clickety clack, clickety clack the train ran down the track. Wrote my story over two books and had them both written and published within 9 months. This novel though has to clickety-clack over the line by September 29th. Whole new ball game #terrified

  15. April 21st 2022 by Jackie Winnell

    I’ve decided to set myself a date to finish my book and “get it over the line” as I’m a terrible procrastinator and need the extra push of a deadline. Btw, I have your book already Michael, it’s a brilliant read!

  16. April 21st 2022 by Marilyn Payne

    Getting my book ‘Who Cares for the Carers?’ over the line. I owe it to myself and thousands like me to have our story told.

  17. April 21st 2022 by Diane Parker ( D i )

    I am getting over the line my author brand which means I will be promoting my poetry more widely on more social media, platforms with my attempt on some lives and more contact with various groups which may have interests in my particular writing form I can also give out incentives to encourage more sales for my poetry book

  18. April 21st 2022 by Susan Salmon

    I’m getting to grips with the technical, the followers following, the words on the pages, and my book will be getting over the line!

  19. April 21st 2022 by Steve Bell

    Hi Michael, any tips for over-coming procrastination? You can leave this question for another week if you wish…

  20. April 21st 2022 by J.S. McGowan

    One self published book – follow up to the book 60,000 words. In the wings another book of a different genre 42,000 words—have built a wall I can’t get overhave not moved in months

  21. April 21st 2022 by Steve Judge

    Completing my business book ‘From Good to GOLD’
    Using my learnings from my journey that took me from wheelchair to World champion where I literally set my goal to ‘cross the line’ as champion of the world.

  22. April 21st 2022 by Dawn Booth

    Getting it over the line, I can relate to that Time Horizon sounds like a yuppie saying lol.

    90 day MAP to replace the income from a job I just dropped in the role I love.
    I will get it over the line.

    A goal without a date is just a dream.

  23. April 21st 2022 by Jackie Watson

    If I talk the line and walk the line then I will certainly get over the line.

  24. April 21st 2022 by Diane Romano-Woodward

    A University Assignment due May 4th. Marketing Plan and legal documents for for a fictitious warehouse off the M1 J15a. I am turning into a despised property professional 🙂 . On a brighter note, getting into training for the next Powerlifting meet; possibly June, possibly September

  25. April 22nd 2022 by Susanne

    Getting my bizlaunch over the line in the lovely month of May.

    If you follow the line you will actually find its a circle. 😉

  26. April 22nd 2022 by Jill B

    I am getting my LIFE over the line, slowly but surely, bit by bit. The line is not a mirror – I dont want more of the same. I am visualising stepping over and through it into a better and wonderful place!

  27. April 23rd 2022 by Sue Trusler

    Over the line over the pond. On 23rd of June 2022 I will have the artwork for my 2nd book cover lit up on Broadway Plaza, Times Square above H&M. I’m getting into the marketing big time.

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