Is August just a ‘pause month’?

The lull before we ‘get back to it’ in September?

Or can it be awesome?

I remember running a sales team where they would complain and say, ‘Everyone’s away in August!’

I’d reply, ‘Everyone? Really? Let’s pick up the phone and see if I can find somebody’.

Ha! They loved it when I did that. Not!

Rather than waiting until September to crank it up, why not have Awesome August?

If you’re a member of my How to Be Brilliant Facebook Group (if not, why not? – it’s here) you’ll see that there’s something happening every day to make sure this August really is an awesome month.

Having an Awesome August starts with one thing; the decision (and I’d even say choice) to make it just that.

Are you up for it?

Click here to see some of the amazing reasons why How to Be Brilliant members think August is awesome.

Be Brilliant!


26 more days of awesomeness to go. I dare you.


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