I have a coaching client, Claire, who this week shared with me a most wonderful idea.

She’s planting… seeds, bulbs, cuttings, seedlings, tubers, etc.

A minimum of one item, every day, for 90 days.

She knows that even before Day 90, she will see the fruits of her labour.

Plus, the garden gifts will keep on giving – long after the initial 90 days has passed.

And she knows about the joy of picking flowers for your home and food for your plate…

From your own garden.

Growing your own produce is the classic delayed gratification. How can a potato taste so good?

What else is better with delayed gratification?

Saving money. Getting fit. Finding a following. Writing a book. Building stamina. Sitting in a wheelie bin full of freezing water channelling your inner Wim Hof.

Most goals mean putting in hard work first of all in order to enjoy the future benefits.

Today, members of TEAM17 are starting a 17-day delayed gratification challenge.  I know they’ll smash it because they’re doing it with accountability and support.

That’s the beauty of TEAM17 – you’re never on your own.

Are you up for a Delayed Gratification Challenge?

Share what you’ll do in the comments below. I’ll help.

Be Brilliant!



  1. April 1st 2021 by Neil Evans

    Gardening is fabulous delayed gratification. Whether it’s planting radish seed that will be ready in 6-weeks, planting tulip bulbs in October that are about to burst into flower in April, or cutting back raspberry canes in February knowing that we’ll get delicious fruit in September.

  2. April 1st 2021 by Linzi Pountney

    I love the idea of the seeds and bulbs.
    I’m going to do this too.
    I’m also starting my training for a duathlon..this month. I’ll be doing it just two weeks after a marathon so will need some good strength in my legs.

  3. April 1st 2021 by Solange De Moraes

    I am doing a 52 weeks challenge for holidays. It is great to think in my next holiday every week. You start with one pound and every week double. You will save £1,378 in 52 weeks 😊

    1. April 5th 2021 by Michael Heppell

      I love this. But did you know by doubling £1 every week for 52 weeks you’d actually have:
      That’s going to be a brilliant holiday!

  4. April 5th 2021 by Jeremy Taylor

    Had my vaccine and recovered from long Covid overnight.
    So, for 17 days, yoga every morning followed by morning walk, 10k a day minimum.

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